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“That’s not something I can Support” Faber on Sista B’s Absence from House Meetings

Mar 28, 2023

“That’s not something I can Support” Faber on Sista B’s Absence from House Meetings

Sista B

Faber was also asked to comment on Denise “Sista B” Barrow’s repeated absence from the House of Representatives. During last week’s budget debate, Prime Minister John Briceño called on the Leader of the Opposition to demand that she is present at house meetings. P.M. Briceño warned Barrow that the P.U.P. administration will be forced to mandate her presence by law if she remains absent.  Faber agrees and says he cannot support her absence.

Patrick Faber

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet

“The one meeting that she attended, I believe was the one that I was responding to the budget when I was leader of the position. She made sure to call me to say I’ll be there to support you. But, that aside, without being unkind, I don’t support her not being there. And that’s, that’s simply, I feel that we have an obligation as elected representatives to do the work of the people. And some of that work sometimes might not be a strong point, you know, it is not everybody that can get up before a camera or get up in a public, get up on a public stage and speak and deliver,  but show up at least. I feel that is not a situation that I could support.  We need to be working for the people. And if you’re not running again, that’s fine too. But, while you are in that position, you have an obligation not only to the people of your constituency, but also to the people of the nation to show up. So I don’t want to be unkind to be, but that’s not something that I can support.”