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The Orange Walk Sound Factory Recording Studio

Jun 13, 2023

The Orange Walk Sound Factory Recording Studio

Musicians in Orange Walk Town can now produce quality music in a fully equipped recording studio established through the Government of Belize and the Inter-American Development Bank. The sound lab is similar to the Reef Recording Studio launched in Belize City back in February. Both professional spaces are part of the Ministry of Tourism’s vision to construct these facilities in municipalities across the country in an effort to build on Belize’s tourism product. The Orange Walk Sound Factory Recording Studio was recently launched. News Five’s Paul Lopez reports.

Paul Lopez, Reporting

The Orange Walk Sound Factory Recording Studio was inaugurated by the Government of Belize in Orange Walk Town. The facility boasts state-of-the-art sound equipment, recording software and production tools. Prime Minister John Briceño, Area Representative for Orange Walk Central, was on hand for the opening ceremony.

Prime Minister John Briceño

Prime Minister John Briceño

“When people think about music they think about Dangriga and Chico Ramos and that crowd because they developed a new sound. But really in orange Walk they have lots of music. So, it is a great opportunity and it takes some sort of vision from Anthony and his team at BTB to realize that while we have such a wonderful, diverse, tourism product. So we have this diverse product, the sea, jungle, reserves, archeology, but there are three aspects missing, food, culture, music for us to have that complete package we have.”

Area Representative for Orange Walk East, Kevin Bernard, and Rodwell Ferguson, the Minister of Youth, spoke on the benefits of such a professional space for young musicians in the Orange Walk District.

Kevin Bernard

Kevin Bernard, Area Representative, Orange Walk East

“It is a space where young musicians and aspiring artists can come together to create, collaborate and share their talents with the world. It is a world class facility that will allow young people to create high quality music and develop their skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. But the Orange Walk sound factory studio is much more than just a recording studio. It is a symbol of hope, opportunity and empowerment for the youths of Orange Walk and beyond.”

Rodwell Ferguson

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth

“Today signifies the beginning of an opportunity for the young people of Orange Walk. When Minister Mahler told me that he is going to open a studio in Belize City and likewise in Orange Walk and told me soon there will be one for Dangirga, I told him ok that is fine, because music is played across the country of Belize and every municipality of district has their own culture and the way how they express themselves.”

The construction, as well as the outfitting of the recording studio was made possible through funding from the Ministry of Tourism and the Inter-American Development Bank. Anthony Mahler, the Minister of Tourism, explained that his ministry is on a mission to construct similar recording studios across the country.

Anthony Mahler

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism

“When we decided to work on this project, building music studios across the country, the first two decided upon were Belize City and Orange Walk Town and we will them move on to Cayo and Dangriga. For us tourism represents forty percent, almost fifty percent and we truly believe that culture, music, diversity as a people are important injectors in this dynamic industry. The only way you can build a good music industry here in Belize is if you have the proper equipment. The proper incubators for the talented people we have all across this country.”

Rucio Medina Bolivar

Rucio Medina Bolivar, Belize Country Representative, I.D.B.

“This initiative marks another important milestone for Belize in terms of diversifying the country for tourism products and providing a novelty opportunity for young Belizeans to have access to employment and generate income.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Paul Lopez.