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The Sociolinguistic Component of Violence

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.

By Dr. Gerald Zuniga; studied Political Science at  Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala & Universidad Mariano Galvez, Guatemala City.

What is violence? WHO defines violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, against person or against a group or community, which either result in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, physical harm, maldevelopment or deprivation.” Taken from Wikipedia.org. I may now continue by saying that violence is the physical and/or verbal expression of a complex phenomenon resulting from the interaction of many intrinsic and extrinsic factors within a human brain. Intrinsic factors like the availability and homeostatic interaction of neurotransmitters like acethycoline, adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, etc must be taken into consideration and, neurohormones, and nueuronutrients like pyridoxine (vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), etc, must be taken seriously into considreration.  That being said, any substance ingested whether licit , illicit or both that alter this neurohomeostasis could result in violence which is what we see in our societies today. Extrinsic factors like the physical and social ambience and interactions of a human being also deeply influence his or her behaviour. A human brain iis maleable by this I mean  that it can be shaped; which different sectors take advantage of for their own benefit. It is highly adaptable. A human reared among lower animal with limited or no interaction will eventually behave like them. So the type of social interactions is imperative and substantive as a marker in human behaviour. We get what we give in as an individual, as a family, as a community, as a society, and as a nation. Violence is an outcome. It is an end product but the causes are multifactorial as I already mentioned.and the objectives of violence are also many and complex. However, the key goal is control. Whatever this may mean to the perpetrator. The sociobehavioural phenomenon of violence is used to achieve something. Some objectiive. Some goal. It is used  by individuals, by groups, by institutions, and by the State. All violence have sequels whether physical, mental, and spiritual or all inclusive. The violence practiced by the State usually have sequels that are more devastating in all sense because theoretically the State is organize to protect life from its conception but in practice we know that is not so especially in a State that doesn’t know its function like ours. Eventhough, there is a Constitution which is the guideline for the duties and obligations of the State and citizenry but it is never uphold rather constantly violated and ignored, which in itself is an expression of violence. Also, the violence practiced at home is devastating because a home is organized to be center and the first in its line for protection. All the  household should feel protected and safe in a home environment so any expression and manifestation of domestic violence should be vehemently condemned. It later walks out the home and eventually enters our National Assembly and the State in general. No form of violence is appreciated especially by the victim. There are individuals who are naturally inclined towards violence Hence the existence of the words masochism, sadism, etc. There are also anthropometric indicators. What is tied up to any manifestation of violence, is a sociolinguistic component which I would like us to focus on because you as my reader is totally aware of it but takes it for granted and this sociolinguistic component is seldom addressed.

 This sociolinguistic component is obscenity and profanity. Some might and will argue that there is no such as obscene languages. I have geard the argument. it depends on the way the language is used they argued. However, it is also no secret that we have heard individuals talking where 95% of their choice of wiords is gross odscenity that destroys a peaceful soul and let the devil afloat.

Hunan may have evolved if we believe in Darwin’s Evolution Theory , which I don’t believe a bit in, but has involuted in regards to language and will continue to do so with the advent of emojiology. It is true that language have always had subcultures and is directly related to the economic status, level of education, and social activities of the individuals. During the Shakeperean era there was a language of elitism in the British society, for example., and I believe in many societies. Eventhough, there is always a big gap between the languages of formal, informal, and nonformal education, lately there has been an assault on language which the society has accepted as normal. It is a couple of decades ago that a pittfall is observed where societies accepted many manifestations of radical, well structured subcultures in the form of social movements with their own language structure. In all societies, there is always social dynamism. This is normal. Nevertheless, it is no secret that what is trending is negative in all its manifestations including the language. Added the already culturally accepted usage of obscenity which by itself is an expression of violence and escalates violent settings.  Language whether it be oral, written, body, sign, or whatever other expression, is the product of a complex brain function and chemistry as I mentioned earlier to the point that there are some neuropathological entities where an individual manifest physical and/or verbal violence. Neurosis being one of them. An entity which prevails in our society and is in not paid attention to like many other health, social, and economic matters. There are societies that have Neurotic Anonymous, where they attempt to the address the condition. Since violence is sociobehavioural phenomenon, there comes in psychological tools as positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement which should be practice by the community, the law enforcement entities, and the schools. Many years ago, obscenity or profanity was prohibitted or discouraged by negative or positive  reinforcements. During that time, dear you to curse a police, your parents, teachers, etc. Now, it is like a sign of manhood and womanhood to do so. All far from the truth. What is more traumatic when hearing adults cursing to children who can’t even bable ma and pa as yet. An indication to where our societies have reached and is going in a total downfall spiral. Try it yourself. Spend a day without using obscenity in your language and you will see that your soul will be happy and your home psychohealthier and eventually the society.

 Socieities were more peaceful in the past with the exception of violence caused by the State itself expressed in wars or terrorism of State. Peaceful societies start from us.

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