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What’s Next for Jasmine Hartin?

May 31, 2023

What’s Next for Jasmine Hartin?

So what happens now for Hartin? We tried to ask her when she exited the courtroom today, but she was not talking. We also tried to get Jemmott’s sisters upon their exit, but they too declined comment. Hartin’s lawyer says she can leave the country, but with a sentence that stipulates that if she doesn’t pay her fine within a certain period she will face prison time, how is that interpreted?

Orson “OJ” Elrington

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Lawyer, Jasmine Hartin

“She has the right to leave the country now, just like you and I, so of course it is that she has the right to leave the country. There is no restriction on her anymore for her not to be able to leave the country, but she has no intention. Her life is here in Belize.”

Marion Ali

“She’s also given 12 months to pay the $75,000 fine, so in light of that then will she be – will she maybe have to report somewhere to ask permission to leave the country or…”

Orson “OJ” Elrington

There is absolutely no restriction on a person after a court is hand has handed down a verdict, none.


“So what is the guarantee that she’ll pay that time, that she’ll do the community service and she just doesn’t fly out?”

Orson “OJ” Elrington

“The absolute last place she would be going at any time soon is Turk course.”

The judge did not address the matter of compensation for Jemmott’s family because that is a matter for the family to take up at the civil courts. While they have indicated they have received nothing from Hartin, her lawyer has said otherwise.