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Winston Smiling, P.U.P. Stalwart and Well-known Businessman Passes

May 29, 2023

Winston Smiling, P.U.P. Stalwart and Well-known Businessman Passes

Winston Smiling

People’s United Party stalwart and businessman Winston Smiling passed away over the weekend. In his formative years, Smiling worked side by side with George Price, the Father of the Nation. Smiling was considered to be a personal confidante, friend, advisor and assistant to George Price. He also served as a senator in parliament for the P.U.P. As a businessman, Smiling owned Smiling Meats located on New Road, Belize City. P.U.P. Chairman Henry Charles Usher, during his appearance on Open Your Eyes this morning, reflected on the life and contributions of Winston Smiling.

Henry Charles Usher

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, People’s United Party

“As you said he was very instrumental in the whole movement of the Party, the national movement of Belize. He was a soldier in the revolution and when I heard the news Saturday it saddened me and my family. He was related to us, related to Mr. Price the Father of the Nation and certainly we will mourn his passing. He was a business man. As you know Smiling Meats is a staple there on New Road. He was also a Senator, a long time member of the PUP, a member of the national executive of the party, a member of the Order of Distinguished Service, which is the highest order you can get in the party. So, certainly Winston will be missed. I certainly will miss the advice he gives me. I would call him up. He lived not too far from me in Belama so I would visit him a few times. He was always willing to sit down, talk, take a little whiskey, listen to some good music, and watch some television. So, certainly I will miss him and condolences to the Smiling family.”