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One in four Canadian workers dealing with the public faces increased aggression, conflict: investigation

Recent research shows that employees who dowith the general public have increased aggression and conflict, and some experts say they are employees. It states that it is important to receive training to manage. situation.

May 2022Mental HealthAccording to the Index, 20% of Canadians experience increased workplace conflict and aggression.

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Paula Allen, Global Leader ofLifeWorks, Research and Comprehensive Welfare, states that the working population has affected mental health since the pandemic and is currently addressing the effects of war and inflation in Ukraine. Said.

"As a result of all the tensions we have received, our population is undoubtedly reaching its limits," Allen said.

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For those who deal directly with the general public, LifeWorks sees an increase in conflict in one in four I found that.

B.C. Richmond A man arrested after a violent explosion captured by a camera at McDonald's – July 28, 2021

Allen says the workplace needs to provide training to employees on how to relieve tensions and move forward. Their well-being.

Some employers may be obliged to have a policy to prevent people from being harassed, but Allen said she shouldn't stop. Training begins there.

"We need to anticipate that policy alone is not enough to protect us when we are in the moment," Allen said.

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Hugh Permore, President of Arete Safety and Protection Inc., said that with proper training of employees, there is less stress in the workplace.

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"Personal stress Levels will drop, confidence levels will increase, and you will be able to manage volatile and difficult customer situations. ”

According to Pelmore, companies participating in training have employee retention rates. And productivity levels will also improve.

As the environment for retail store employees is becoming more and more volatile, Pelmore is keen to face some of the potential challenges for staff without the right tools. I said it wasn't.

"Giving them a skill set makes them much more comfortable and you may be able to keep them," Pelmore said.

Edmonton Group conducting self-defense training in the face of anti-Asian racism – May 6, 2021

Arete Safety and Protection Inc. customize their courses to suit the workplace in which they work.

"We look at the top 3-5 interactions that can lead to passing through a continuum because customers are a little upset, upset, and frustrated. This is a lineup, delay, returns, product concerns (and) service issues. ”

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From there, the trainer Incorporates them into roleplay scenarios for customers and clients who may have a low level of anger. The way to people who abuse or threaten violence with words.

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Permore Arete states that it trains employees in almost every industry, including utilities, banks, retailers, convenience stores, security guards and social workers.

Locally trained SGI and Saskatoon Tribal Council staff.

Arete offers face-to-face training, customized live webins, and e-learning products.

According to Pelmore, the cost of the program varies, but training costs about $ 140 to $ 175 per person.

For companies that are interested in training but can be deterred by sales, Pelmore said e-learning products enable short-term remote training. rice field.

Pelmore likened escalation training to first aid and learning CPR. Trained and practicing people will be able to manage the situation rather than freeze.

"It's very important because if you're not ready and things happen, the chances of trauma are much higher," Pelmore said.

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