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Nominated for Courage Award after saving a man from a burning car in Mississauga 3

Ancaster, Ont. Charles Salameh, Senior IT Executive, returned by car from the weekend in Toronto with his wife around 9:30 am on Monday. The car in front of him began to slow down and turned the road.

According to Mr. Salame, he drove "irregularly" westward in front of him onQEW, suddenly speeding up and passing through a series of construction signs. ..

Eventually, the car stopped in the center and smoke began to flow from the car. "We saw the car in its final position and completely broken, and I was right behind him," Salame told Global News.

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His wife went to see what happened to the car and its driver who called 911 and Salame. As Salame was walking towards the car, a passing driver rolled the window and shouted, "It's a fire!"

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Emergency services could not arrive at the scene immediately as the fire began to spread — around QEW and Cawthra Road. Chris Ogg, commander of the Missisoga fire brigade, told Global News that access to the area was particularly difficult.

When the firefighters finally arrived and drove the highway ramp in the wrong direction, Salame and the other two passing civilians were almost intact from the burnt-out car. Was rescued.

"I was shocked. The car was completely destroyed. Mr. Ogg" has never seen anything like that "in his 28-year career." Added.

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According to Salame and two others Mississauga Fire, the men — Fabricio and Tyler — forced the car door to release the driver when the flames began to creep in before the emergency service arrived. I tried to open it.

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Salame says a person passed by and offered a hammer from a pickup truck to help break the glass. rice field.

One of the two men who completed the rescue in cooperation with Salame will run to the passenger side of the car and rescue the driver who was restrained by the seat belt when the flame entered the car It was made.

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"(He) ran around the other side of the car — now the car is 50% on fire," Salame said. Said. (He) opened the passenger door and got into the car ... When he got into the car, the flames went into the car.

The driver's seat belt was released and all three were able to pull the driver's seat belt out of the car, Salame said.

The flame was rising, rising, rising. We managed to get him out, he was completely under his own weight and he was out of the car. I dragged it out and put it in my truck. And 10 seconds later, I think the car was completely swallowed. He was literally 10 seconds away from being burned alive. "

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The driver escapes with a single burn According to the fire of Missisoga, the face and arms.

Ogg estimated that flames from a car could reach 1,000 celsius, further danger caused by a tire explosion and a leak in the car's fuel tank.

"The heat and toxic gas generated during a car fire-entering it without gear (incredible)," he said, a wide range of protective equipment worn by firefighters. Pointed to.

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Salame says the biggest hero is the guy who released the driver's seat belt from the passenger door. I did.

"A companion who got into the passenger car-a bald companion in a black shirt-as soon as he was done, he said a little. He was like this angel, just appeared and burned. The three have now been nominated for the Fire Chief's Commendation Award, and Missisauga Fire Chief, Delin Ritzy, said she was in favor.

"All three deserve it-they saved their lives today," Ogg said.

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