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"A Dark Day": Anger in Quebec overturned Roe v. Wade, planned protest

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, has called on people to condemn the decision "here and elsewhere, with strength and vitality."

People protest in May 2022, after the leak of a draft majority opinion before the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights.
People in May 2022 after the majority draft was leaked Before the protest groundbreaking right to Roe v. Wade abortion was overturned. Photo: YANA PASKOVA/Reuters

US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade I was indignant at that. In the Wade case on Friday, rights groups and supporters are calling on people across Quebec to participate in protests outside local courts this weekend.

The decision, announced on Friday, is expected to end constitutional protection against abortion in the United States and lead to a ban on abortion in about half of the country's states. It has been.

Already working before the decision, protests are planned on Sunday outside the courthouses of Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Rimouski and Trois Rivieres.

"It is important for us to be solidarity and show our collective sadness, worry and anger about this decision," said Jess Lego of the Quebec Federation on Friday.

Friday's US Supreme Court ruling was also immediately condemned by Quebec politicians. Several elected officials described the outcome as a dark day for women's rights and vowed to protect access to abortion.

"I'm indignant ... and I'm in solidarity with all the American women who see the right to control their body being trampled," said Valerie, Mayor of Montreal.・ The plant was mentioned on Twitter.

"This decision is an unacceptable setback," Plante added. "Let's blame it with power and vitality here and elsewhere."

Cette décisionest unreculin acceptable.

Dénonçons-laavecforceetvigueur, icicommeailleurs. #RoeVsWade #polmtl

— Valerie Plante (@Val_Plante)June 24, 2022

Quebec liberal leader Dominique Anglade echoed the mayor.

"A dark day for women and their rights and freedoms," writes Anglade. "We must continue to fight so that our daughters have more rights than we do.

Friday's decision was nationwide due to a leak in the draft judgment in May. It took place after the Supreme Court revealed that it was ready to withdraw the Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion.

Asked about the abortion debate that was leaking to Quebec at the time. Prime Minister François Legos said that allMNAs of his coalition Avenir Quebec governmentupheld the right to abortion, and all future candidates would be parties as well

{72. } On Friday, Lego called this decision a "sad setback" for women's rights and freedoms.

In another Twitter post, Isabelle Charest, Minister of Women's Status in Quebec, ensures that the right to abortion is always protected in the state. I swore.

"In Quebec, we never question this right," Charest wrote.

Protest organizer Jess Lego said community groups have been mobilized locally since the draft decision was leaked in May.

Quebec's rights to abortion are not similarly threatened, but Quebec is also unprotected from Friday's decision to step up its local anti-abortion movement. Said.

Abortion is still available, but there are still issues with access non-uniformity across the state and most services are concentrated in urban areas.

In addition, Lego said that this decision should not be taken for granted and should serve as a reminder to stay vigilant.

"(We) need to be very clear," she said. "We will never tolerate this kind of infringement of the right to abortion in Quebec or Canada."

  1. Anti-abortion demonstrators celebrate outside the United States Supreme Court as the court rules in the Dobbs v Women's Health Organization abortion case, overturning the landmark Roe v Wade abortion decision in Washington, U.S., June 24, 2022.

    US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade did. The state can ban abortion