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"The Jewels of Our Community:" Canada Day Celebration Returns to Cumberland Mosque

"I keep that in mind again this year by remembering these sacred lives, but I'm also looking for some solutions. That's why. , This event is here. To be more positive and optimistic. "

In-person Canada Day celebrations returned to a mosque in Cumberland on Friday.
On Friday, the Canadian Day celebration returned to the Cumberland Mosque. Photo: Lilian Fridfinnson/Post Media

For the past two years after a public health order, the celebration has been It was canceled. People Canada Day celebrations returned to the Cumberland Mosque on Friday with community barbecues and children's activities.

"Building our community, building bonds, showing hospitality, that is our religion. That is Islam," said the event organizer. One Shinwan Basharat said.

"Our first responsibility lies with our neighbors and whatever we can do to serve them ... to provide a place for them to meet."

City council in this area Congressman Matthew Rulov attended the event and praised the mosque for its important role in the community.

"Since the Ahmadiyya Muslims set up a store here in Cumberland Village, this has been an absolute gem for our community," said Orleans Ward representative Lurov. I did.

The Cumberland family seemed energetic as they filled the mosque grounds to celebrate their holidays and enjoy cooking and picnics.

Event representative Sharjeel Ahmed said his family arrived in Canada about four years ago, and that year was "the best of my life.

"Canadians have been found to be welcoming, kind, polite, diligent, honest, humble, and tolerant of other cultures and views."

To Otawa Living missionary Farhan Ikubal described the event at the mosque as a celebration of Canada's "wealth" and "comfortable living standards."

However, Ahmed also noted the sadness that many felt when unmarked graves were discovered in the past year on the premises of former residential schools across Canada.

Last year, the discovery of these unmarked tombs led to a protest and march on Canada Day as an indication of solidarity with the indigenous community. Flags of the Capitol and federal buildings across the country were also lowered, but the government was still hosting a virtual event to commemorate Canada Day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face events have been abolished.

On Friday, a face-to-face event on Canada Day in the heart of the metropolitan area will be held, with concerts and festivals at Place de Festival Givi near Lebreton Flats and Gatineau. I was.

Canadian Army veteran Lurov said it was important not only to recognize Canada's history, but also to look back on Canada's positive position on the world stage.

"Canada is the light of hope in this world, and you will find more light in the dark," he said. "Yes, we may be experiencing difficult times as a country, but we need to remember that throughout our history we had to be resilient."

The celebration of Canada Day continues, but the perception of national history has taken on new implications, Basharat said.

"I keep that in mind again this year by remembering these sacred lives, but I'm also looking for some solutions. That's why this event is here. Be positive and optimistic. "

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