A taste of democracy: S.Korea’s 16-year fight for a green onion breakfast cereal

“The cheating forces of Cheki were ousted and Mr. Chaka’s 16-year struggle has finally come to an end,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

A TV advertisement apologized for the delay and featured a small child whose dreams of onion cereal were crushed. Promotional materials included a faux political poster with an image of Chaka over former U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign slogan “yes we can.”

Limited edition cereals are usually on sale for about three months, but that could be extended if sales are strong, Kim said. The company had been working on developing the cereal for 15 years, but had struggled to find the right onion flavor, she added. When it called for 50 “early tasters” it received more than 14,200 applications.

Traditional Korean breakfasts are often savory and even spicy, and many people seemed to envision the onion flavor as a potential bar snack with beer, rather than in a bowl with milk.

“I had adult-like taste in food since I was young, so I love local food with garlic, green onion or kimchi,” said food blogger Lee Soo-jeong, 24, who voted for Chaka as a child and was an early taster.

Her verdict on the long-awaited cereal?

“The green onion flavor is too mild.” (Reporting by Sangmi Cha and Josh Smith; editing by Jane Wardell)

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