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Afghan clergy rally urges Taliban government approval

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Rahim Faiez

Zabiullah Mujahid, left, the spokesman for the Taliban government, speaks during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, June 30, 2022. Afghanistan's Taliban rulers held a gathering Thursday of some 3,000 Islamic clerics and tribal elders for the first time since seizing power in August, urging them to advise them on running the country. Women were not allowed to attend.
Zabiullah Mujahid, left, Taliban government The spokesman will speak at a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday, June 30, 2022. Advise them on running the country. The woman was not allowed to attend. Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi/Associated Press

Islamic Bird (AP) — Three-day Islamic rally in Afghanistan The capital priests and tribal elders concluded on Saturday with a pledge to support the Taliban, calling on the international community to recognize the country's Taliban-led government.

The meeting in Kabul is a regular council of elders, leaders and celebrities aimed at discussing Afghanistan's traditional Loya Jirga, Afghanistan's policy issues. It was adjusted according to the meeting.

However, the overwhelming majority of attendees appeared to be Taliban officials and supporters, primarily Islamic clergy. Unlike Loya Jirgas, which was previously held under US-backed government, women were not allowed to attend.

Former militants, who have completely blocked decision-making since taking over the country last August, touted the rally as a forum to hear different views on the problems facing Afghanistan. ..

According to the priest Mujib ul Rahman Ansari, who attended the rally, the last 11 statements were Taliban-led to the regions and countries of the world, the United Nations, Islamic organizations, etc. Remove all sanctions imposed since the takeover of Afghanistan and the Taliban and unfreeze foreign Afghanistan assets.

Ansari, with more than 4,500 Islamic clergy and elders attending, to Taliban's Supreme Leader and Spiritual Chief, Haibatula Akunzada. He said he had renewed his loyalty and loyalty.

Unexpectedly, the recluse Akhnzada came to Kabul from his base in southern Kandahar and addressed the rally on Friday. It was believed to be his first visit to the capital of Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power.

In an hour-long speech by state radio, Akhnzada called the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan a "victory of the Islamic world."

His appearance added symbolic weight to the rally. The Taliban are under international pressure to be more inclusive as they suffer from the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The international community has been wary of recognition and cooperation with the Taliban, especially after limiting the rights of women and minorities. It came to power in the past 1990s.

Saturday's 11 resolutions gave the Tullivan government "special attention to justice, religious and contemporary education, health, agriculture, industry, minorities, children, women and national rights. According to Islamic Holy Law. "

Tullivan adheres to Islamic law or Shariah's own rigorous interpretation.

Akhnzada soared from a low-profile member of the Islamic rebels to a Taliban leader after the murder of his predecessor Mullah Akhtal Mansour in a 2016 U.S. drone strike. Also for the victims of the earthquake who prayed on Friday.

The June earthquake killed more than 1,000 people in eastern Afghanistan, creating yet another crisis for a struggling country. Oversized aid groups that have already kept millions of Afghans alive have rushed supplies to the victims of the earthquake, but most countries are keen on the Taliban's call for international aid. Responded to.

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