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Tullivan in Afghanistan will host the first major priesthood conference since its acquisition

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Rahim Faiez

Islamabad (AP) — The Taliban rulers in Afghanistan on Thursday have been Islamic clergy and tribes since taking power in August. Held the first major rally of the Elders of. 3,000 people come to the capital for the event.

The conference, held at the Loya Jirga Hall at the University of Technology in Kabul, was aimed at addressing dissatisfaction and various issues, but the agenda was not published, Taliban spokesman and spokesman. Zabiullah Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, said. ..

Women were unable to attend the event, but media reports indicate that the reopening of girls' schools will be discussed along with other issues.

Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi of the Taliban told the state-run RTA on Wednesday that the event was a forum of different views, "Positive to strengthen national stability and national unity. It will be a step forward. " He added that the male representative would represent the female.

"Women are our mothers, sisters and we respect them. When their sons are attending a rally, it means they are also attending. I will do it, "he said.

At this conference, Tullivan-led government financial and central bank officials will discuss economic and aid issues following the deadly earthquake in Afghanistan last week, the country's latest issues, and the United States in Qatar. It is held when meeting with officials.

The Washington Post first on Tuesday, with senior Biden administration officials working with Tullivan leadership to address the country's serious hunger and poverty crisis with central bank reserves by the Afghan government. And make sure the funds are not being misused.