AGAR: I have no choice but to vote for Ford

I was wrong.

A few months ago I met Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath and told her that I would not vote NDP but for me, if the Liberals were gone after the next election, that was good enough. If she were the winner, I could live with that.

But, of course, like many people, I wasn’t spending a lot of time looking at individual candidates for a party normally stuck in third place.

Perhaps Horwath wasn’t doing that either.

I am going to vote for the PCs Thursday, and that causes some people to scream and yell that I am ridiculous to love Doug Ford. They assume that I can’t see any faults in the PCs.

I like Doug personally — I know him — and it is true that I am likely to vote PC anyway, (I’m the radio talk show host who is willing to declare my biases, so you know where I am coming from), but I am left with no choice this time.

Kathleen Wynne has declared defeat for the Liberals, and that is because the vast majority of people in Ontario have finally had enough.

The Greens might elect one person; their Leader Mike Schreiner, while the Libertarians and the Trillium party are kidding themselves. At best, those would be protest votes, so let’s talk realistic chances.

It is either the PCs or the NDP.

You can slam me all you want for voting PC, but tell me why I should take a chance that an NDP candidate who marched with a banner declaring “F— the police” might be attorney general.

Or, would it be the NDP candidate that used a racial slur against the black police chief of Toronto? Or maybe the one who posted a Hitler quote on leadership. Now she says she didn’t post it — so maybe she just can’t run a Facebook page.

Will you feel comfortable with an MPP who says that the Canadian military slaughters women and children?

How about the one who says that it is dehumanizing to have to have a job in order to pay your bills?

What about the current MPPs who are under investigation by the Human Rights Tribunal?

The NDP candidate in my riding wants people who own guns to be blown up from drones. That’s not only hateful, it is illogical.

Will you vote for the NDP candidate who believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories that George Bush perpetrated the attack?

When several candidates for the PCs became problematic in the same fashion, Ford dumped them.

Horwath supports all of the above and wants to make Ontario a sanctuary province, open for anyone in this country illegally to access services you pay for.

She would never rule a striking union back to work — no matter how long the schools are closed.

So here is my point.

In my opinion, I have no choice. So don’t assume that means I think the PCs are perfect. That doesn’t mean that I am unaware they have not costed out a platform.

It means Doug Ford and his party are a far from perfect choice, but the better of the two in my opinion based on Horwath’s support of some of the most anti-social, cringe inducing, fringe candidates I have ever seen put forth by a party with a chance to win.

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