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Agar: Protesters need to set goals to clarify their claims

A person holds a sign across from Parliament Hill as a protest against COVID-19 mandates takes place on Canada Day, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada July 1, 2022.
People have a sign In protest of the COVID-19 order, it will take place on Canada Day, July 1, 2022, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, across the hills of Parliament. Photo: PATRICK DOYLE/Reuters

Canada's current protesters' problems make sense to them It does not mean that there is no such thing. They have no complaints. It means they are too many.

Various people who are obsessed with the general protests over Canada Day have had a lot of misfortune. Each may gain individual support, but as a jumble of slogans, the names of the prime minister's boys (Silly Socks, Turdo, etc.) are all gathered together as a bunch of disorganized childish whining.

Protests are mostly gone or advanced obligations, vaccine ineffectiveness, traditional values, emergency laws, school sex teaching, and perhaps rudeness. heard. An elastic castle that was taken up in the last protest.

Select a lane.

Reminiscent of the 2011 occupation of Toronto.

Do you remember?

Of course.

What was the protest about?

I talked to the rubble that was being collected there at the time, but they didn't know, so you wouldn't know.

The people I spoke to told different stories.

The end of poverty, affordable housing, businesses and lobbyists, mainstream media lies, indigenous rights, more yurts, free sandwiches.

As a result, the occupation of Toronto did nothing but mess up a completely wonderful park.

Meanwhile, what are the protests in Washington, D.C. and the various state capitals of the United States?

They want a legal abortion.

That's all.

It's pretty clear.

I don't care which side of the discussion you are on. We know why the protesters are there.

When people protest the pipeline, it's clear what they want or don't want. It's their backyard pipeline. Probably not in anyone's backyard, but not in the pipeline.

I think protesters are often abused by the media, but it's difficult for the media to confuse messages such as "no pipeline" or "abortion." They write their own headlines. Everything else is details and discussion, but we know what we are discussing.

The protest should be an ideal or targeted advertising campaign. Good ads blend behind a single message.

"Today deserves cola."

"Michael Ignatieff. He didn't come back for you."

"Is there milk?"

"Black Lives Matter".

"Make America Great Again."

What stands out about the recent protests in Ottawa?

Sadly, it's not a cohesive message.

When truck drivers began to travel the country, people met thousands of people on the roadsides and elevated roads. They donated money.

What did you think they supported? End of duty.

Not a profession. It is not the closure of the border by angry people. It's not a dissonance between the horn and the F-Trudeau banner.

"End mandate."

That's all.

If you have a clear message, additions, footnotes, misleading hints to global conspiracy theory, sex education, secondary and higher education issues, and a swarm of "leaders", I'm you Protests can be facilitated and many people are on board with you.

However, for dog breakfast, it is dangerous for most people to participate in protests. Who knows where it's heading?

Select one message. Give everyone a message.


That said, take a resilient castle. No one hates elastic castles.

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