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Al Jazeera reporter is likely killed by unintentional shooting from Israeli standpoint: United States

Prior to next week's visit to US President Joe Byden, the report did nothing to ease tensions between the two.

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This undated handout file photo released on May 11, 2022 by the Doha-based Al-Jazeera TV, shows the channel's veteran journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh (Akleh) during one of her reports from Jerusalem.
The photo of this dateless distribution file released by Doha-based Aljazilla TV on May 11, 2022 is from channel veteran journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh (Akleh). ) Is Jerusalem. ALJAZEERA / AFP photo via Getty Images

Washington — Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is in Israel's position, but probably intentionally No, the US State Department said on Monday.

An independent investigator was unable to reach a definitive conclusion about the origin of the bullet that hit her, it said.

On May 11, a Palestinian-American Abu Acre was killed in a fiercely controversial situation when Israel attacked the occupied west bank of Genin. ..

Palestinian officials criticized the report, claiming she was deliberately targeted. Israel denies this.

The death of Abu Acre, one of the most famous faces reporting on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, was around the world, especially after beating the mourners at her funeral in Jerusalem. Caused anger.

The U.S. Security Coordinator (USSC) summarized the investigation by both the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Palestinian authorities, and it is likely that the shooting from Israel's standpoint was the cause of her death. I concluded. Said.

"USSC has no reason to believe this is intentional, but rather the result of a tragic situation during an IDF-led military operation against the Islamic Jihad faction in Palestine. I found a reason to believe that, "said the State Department. In the statement.

In a forensic analysis by a third-party examiner supervised by the USSC, ballistic experts determined that the bullet was severely damaged and could not draw a definite conclusion about its origin. The State Department said.

In this file image grab from footage distributed by the Doha-based Al-Jazeera TV shows a reporter reacting (R) as an unidentified man tries to lift the body of the channel’s veteran journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh (Akleh) from the ground after she was fatally wounded by gunfire in Jenin in the occupied West Bank on May 11, 2022. (Photo by AL JAZEERA/AFP via Getty Images)
This file was distributed by Doha-based Al. Get an image from the footage-Jazeera TV shows the body of channel veteran journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh (Akleh) after an unidentified man was fatally injured in a gunshot on the occupied West Bank of Genin on May 11. Shows a reporter (R) that reacts when trying to lift from the ground, 2022. (Photo by ALJA ZEERA / AFP via Getty Images)

The report does nothing to ease tensions between the two prior to next week's visit to US President Joe Byden. There wasn't.

Palestinian prosecutor Akram Al Hatib said the US conclusion that the bullet was badly damaged was false and Abu Acre was deliberately targeted.

"The American statement that we couldn't find any reason to indicate that the targeting was intentional is unacceptable," Katib said. Palestinians will continue to pursue legal action against Israel in the International Criminal Court, he said.

"Israel is responsible for killing her and must be held liable for her," said Nabil Abu Rudeine, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, in a statement.

Israel denies that one of its soldiers intentionally killed Abu Acre, and Palestinian militants say she had clashed with the army on the wrong army fire or on the scene. Claimed to have been hit by a bullet from one of them.

Israeli police confront with mourners as they carry the casket of slain Al Jazeera veteran journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during her funeral in east Jerusalem, Friday, May 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Maya Levin, File)
Israeli police mourn carrying the murdered Al Jazira coffin Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran journalist during a funeral in East Jerusalem on Friday, May 13, 2022. (AP Photo / Maya Levin, File)

Last month, the UN Human Rights Agency said that the information gathered from the incident was that Abu Acre was not from the Palestinians but from the Israeli army. It suggested that he was killed in a fire.

She was standing with other reporters, and when she was shot and killed by a single bullet, she wore her helmet and press badge. He said he was clearly identified as a journalist from the blue flake jacket. Her colleague was injured in another bullet in this incident.

Israeli Prime Minister Yale Rapid said Israel regrets Abu Acre's death, but concluded that Israeli military investigations did not intend to harm her, Israel. He said he fully supported his defense forces.

The Israeli army said it would continue to investigate the case and decide whether to initiate criminal charges after operational inspections.

Defense Minister Benny Ganz said Israeli troops responded to a fierce fire from armed groups in the city containing a crowded refugee camp with regular clashes between Palestinians and Israeli troops. Stated.

"The first responsibility for such an incident is a terrorist operating from within a densely populated area," he said in a statement.

That version of the event was rejected by the Palestinians who said there were no armed fighters in the area where Abu Acre was killed.

"The truth is that the Israeli army killed Sirene in accordance with a policy that considers all Palestinians (civilians, press, etc.) as legitimate targets," her family said in a statement. rice field.

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