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Alberta U-C-P Membership Promotion and Heche's Death Door: In the News of August 12

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The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press

In The News is a collection of Canadian Press articles to help you start your day. On the morning of Friday, August 12, 2022, the Editors' attention was on …

Canada's focus on …

Deadline to buy $10 Membership in the Union of Alberta Conservative Party to vote for the next Leader and Prime Minister.

Parties are welcome to drop off by 5pm. Online membership until midnight.

The party will then go through the membership to confirm the information, but the final tally will be ready for him in a couple of weeks.

Seven candidates are poised to replace Prime Minister Jason Kenny for the party's highest office.

Mr Kenny announced that he would step down in May after a party leadership review gave him lukewarm support of 51 percent.

Candidates have proposed a wide range of policy proposals from health care to education reform, but the focus of the discussion has been to leverage Alberta's relationship with the federal government to improve equity in areas such as equality. Was on the way to get a better deal.


A camper van was found by a convicted Canadian sex offender at a South Dakota campground. He said he identified himself as a security guard. Her two children and mother at the heart of Saskatchewan Amber Alert.

Benjamin Martin Moore, 50, was found late Tuesday at a campground participating in the state's annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. posted that they helped find and arrest Moore. The campground did not respond to a request for comment.

Camper Brian Lester said he and his wife stay at the resort each year when they attend a gathering. He said he was surprised to see children there on a Sunday as he thought it was an adults-only campground. Lester also noted that children and adults did not have tents and slept in their cars.

Lester also raised the issue with campground security late Sunday, he said. It was then that a man, whom Lester later said he recognized as Moore, appeared and told him he was with his children.

"He says, 'We're down from Canada. I'm on guard during rally week,'" Lester said.

According to Lester, the children did not appear distraught and no signs of abuse were observed.

Moore was taken into custody at the campsite later that night.

The Saskatchewan RCMP issued an Amber Her Alert on Monday for a 7-year-old girl and her 8-year-old boy.

What we are seeing in the United States …

Former US President Donald Trump said late Thursday that the federal Hours after the Department of Justice, which sought an "immediate" release, asked the court to unseal the warrant, the FBI said the warrant used to search his Florida estate was being used by Attorney General Merrick Garland to "deal with the matter." "substantial public interest in respect of

In a message posted on his Truth Social platform, Trump wrote: Immediate release of those


He continued to attack the FBI's search for his Mar-a-Lago as "un-American, baseless and unnecessary."

if the warrant is revoked. Now a demand with a judge; it could disclose unsavory information about the former president and about his FBI scrutiny of his handling of classified government documents as he prepares to run for re-election to the White House. There is a nature.

What we are seeing in other parts of the world...

Latvia and Estonia are China-backed forums said to have left Strengthen relations with Eastern European countries.

The move follows closer ties between China and Russia. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is seen as a possible first step in a series of moves against countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. It comes after Beijing launches economic and diplomatic retaliation against another Baltic state, Lithuania, after expanding ties with Taiwan's autonomous island democracy, which it claims is threatening annexation by force. 90}

In response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China was strongly criticized for launching missiles and dispatching ships and military aircraft from Taiwan's coast, along with its stance on Ukraine. Is receiving.

On this day in 1985…

PetroCanada gave his $886 million to Gulf Canada for $1,800 became the country's largest service station owner when it paid to The station and her four refineries are located in Ontario and western Canada. The move has given Petro Canada about 4,300 service stations across Canada, compared to her 3,400 at Imperial Esso.

In entertainment …

Anne Heche is on life support after suffering brain damage in a fire accident a week ago. doing. It was unexpected, according to a representative statement.

The actor, who is in a coma and is in critical condition, has been placed on life support for possible organ donation, according to a statement released Thursday night on behalf of her family and friends.

Heche, who was admitted to the Grossman-Burn Center at West Hills Hospital north of Los Angeles, suffered a "severe anaerobic brain injury," he said. the statement said. Such damage is caused by a persistent lack of oxygen to the brain.

She "has no hope of survival," her statement said. "Organ donation has long been her choice, and she continues to receive her life support to determine if she has viable organs."

Did you see this?

Researchers and scientists say we need to raise salaries. Otherwise, Canada will lose its best brains to other countries.

More than 1,000 people have signed an online petition asking the government to increase the number and amount of scholarships and fellowships available through her three major funding agencies in Canada.

And thousands of researchers signed an open letter in support of the call.

The letter was printed on paper today, and a 60-meter-long train was unveiled at a rally in the Houses of Parliament.

Funding for Canadian research students comes primarily from her three federal funding agencies: the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the Canadian Institutes of Health. It is offered through scholarships and fellowships.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 12, 2022