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"Epidemic": A Brampton woman recalls close contact with a driver with a disability

OntarioA 49-year-old woman in Bramptonis "lucky" that neither she nor her boyfriend was injured after being attacked by a allegedly drunk driver. I said that I felt. on sunday.

Connie tells Global News that she and her boyfriend head to the grocery store on Sunday and head south on McLaughlin Road to Volvo when they stop at the red light on Steels Avenue. He said he drove. Global News has agreed not to use her name.

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Connie said at a red light he noticed a man driving irregularly behind him.

"He was everywhere," she said, adding that he was "shaking," "turning right and left."

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She said the car stopped behind them, but then they "bump" on their car I felt.

Peel police said in a tweet that they had arrested a man "on the obstacles of a related crime" after a clash between Steeles Avenue West and the area of ​​McLaughlin Road.

Connie said her boyfriend left her car in the park and went out to talk to the man in the car behind her.

"While he was behind us, the man kept trying to move forward, so it seemed he was trying to push us in," she said.

According to Connie, the man's head was shaking. "We knew he was drunk at this point," she said.

Connie said the man wouldn't get out of the car, so her boyfriend got into the car and turned off the car. She said the man tried to restart the car and reversed it.

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She has a boyfriend The key from the ignition. The man then left the car and started running along Steels Avenue.

Connie said she and another woman started chasing him, but when she finally reached 9-1-1, the dispatcher gave the police the man's license plate number. I asked her to go back to the car so I could give her.

According to Connie, the other woman and her husband chased the man until he was caught by a police officer.

"I'm very lucky that no one was injured, and he wasn't injured," she said, very close to the intersection and could have been attacked by an oncoming vehicle. She added that there was.

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Drunk driving, which Connie said is impaired, is "really fashionable."

"It's terrible, but I'm very lucky that things didn't get worse than before, and I'm very happy to be able to follow him until he was discovered," she said. Told. ..

According to Connie, the man was about 30 years old and was driving a Hyundai Elantra.

She said the accident happened in the afternoon after noon.

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"It's absolutely scary," she said of her drunk driving. "I think it should be totally zero tolerance. Don't drink, nothing."

Police warn that drunk driving is on the rise – June 21, 2022

Connie was fortunate to say that her car was undamaged.

She said she and her boyfriend felt particularly lucky after learning that there were some deadly clashes in the Greater Toronto Area over the weekend. rice field.

Connie said people "would do stupid things when drinking," she added, "many people" were killed by disabled drivers.

"I absolutely hate being in such a shape and drive," she said.

– Steels Avenue W / McLaughlin Road#Brampton
– Two vehicles involved
– One person From the report scene that the driver left
– the driver, an adult man, was detained due to a related criminal disability
– no one was physically injured

– PR22-0221858

— Peel the Local Police (@PeelPolice)July 3, 2022

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