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Angry and isolated Boris Johnson lost a popular touch

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London — As His grip on the rule of power began to diminish, Boris Johnson became an increasingly angry person, and many of what he called British institutions could never forgive him because of Brexit. I felt like I was trying to get rid of.

According to two aides and a few others around him, shortly after becoming former Prime Minister, the drip drip feed for months of reporting violations of the law on Downing Street felt unfair. , His role in ensuring divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Under pressure, Johnson is known for his glitz in public, but is often shy in private and withdraws to Downing Street's residences and offices. is. His parliamentarian who was swept away.

These legislators became increasingly embarrassed, tired of having to defend their leaders in the constituencies and constituencies. What felt like an endless stream of scandals was becoming impossible to justify or explain in the wrath of widespread public, some lawmakers said.

This was especially true for those who won seats in parts of England that traditionally did not support the Conservative Party.

Many voted to deliver Brexit to Johnson, but then they faced a prime minister who felt unreliable.

Johnson says that instead of trying to calm his nerves, his view that he is becoming more and more isolated and punished for Brexit may not be the case. Surrounded by a few advisors who did little to convince him. Help me.

Despite the increasing pressure to quit, Johnson initially believed that he was in the best condition when he returned to the corner, fought, and had a hard time gaining control. I was convinced that I could provide what I felt was my mission, and I wanted to make it stricter. Country.

A group of ministers and his closest colleague are Johnson, even after a conservative member has been publicly ridiculed in parliament telling him to resign and others have laughed openly at him. He decided to go only when he appealed to.

Many letters from his finance minister appointed to strengthen the prime minister's declining authority just two days before he resigned after Johnson first signaled not to give up the fight. I summarized the feelings of the people.

"Yesterday, I told the Prime Minister with my No. 10 colleague that there was only one direction for this to go. He should leave with dignity." Written by Nadhim Zahawi. In a public letter on Thursday.

"Prime Minister, you know what's right in your heart, go now."

A strong start

Johnson will be in power in 2019 When I grabbed it, it was all very different. Johnson, who directs the details of the policy, came to power in 2019 by casting himself as a man of people who can provide Brexit.

He oversees Britain's departure from the European Union, reduces red tape and bureaucracy, promotes investment, and "levels up" or "levels up" to serious inequality between different parts of Britain. I promised a fundamental new agenda to work on.

Rebuilding the way Britain has been ruled for decades has been a shamelessly popular agenda. The governing conservative party

he created an enemy early on, undertook the establishment, and according to some civil servants, even bent and even broke the rules.

However, the outbreak of a new corona virus confirmed in the city of Wuhan in central China in December 2019 obscured Johnson's Brexit agenda and dominated the early months of the premiership. Did.

His first reaction to the pandemic was in tune. Johnson first downplayed the virus and was then forced to change his tack when scientific predictions showed that 250,000 people could die in the UK. Then he closed Britain and advised people to stay home.

When he himself became infected with the virus and almost died, he won the public sympathy. Some of them were eroded by suspicious procurement contracts and the defense of former adviser Dominique Cummings who broke the lockdown rules. However, the government was able to boast of rapid vaccine deployment and a popular program for paying most of the salaries of devastated workers. Only after

, Downing Street workers drank and sometimes had parties early in the morning, while most of the country was trapped in their homes under strict blockades. ..

The public learned that while thousands of people missed funerals and family gatherings and continued to follow the rules for the country, the people who made the rules broke them. I was furious. Johnson himself was fined by police in June 2020 at a rally to commemorate his 56th birthday. He said he stopped meeting with the members on Saturday "because it was too hot."

Other scandals have eroded support. In 2021, Johnson initially defended a conservative member convicted of violating the rules of lobbying activities, and then reversed his course.

Elections have fined conservatives for failing to accurately report donations to fund the luxury renovation of Johnson's apartment, including gold wallpaper.

The resignation that ended Johnson this week followed the case of Christopher Pincher, a conservative legislator who admitted to offending people while out on a drunken night. Just four months ago, Johnson promoted Pincher to a post that takes care of the well-being of his colleagues in Congress, but previously had allegations of sexual harassment.

Johnson's office said there were no specific charges against Pincher in the past. A senior civil servant publicly said this was a mistake. Johnson accused him of losing his memory.

Johnson tried to continue, even towards the end.

After Russia invaded Ukraine this year, he portrayed himself as a wartime leader and dismissed scandals disproportionately blown away by his enemies. He was one of the first Western leaders to visit Kyiv's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

"He will fight," said one of the former Johnson advisers on July 5, when the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health resigned.

In Rwanda last month, the rebellious Johnson envisioned maintaining power until the middle of the next decade. This made him the longest and continuous leader in the country in 200 years.

Johnson, sitting cross-legged on the blue sofa under the chandelier at the residence of the British High Commissioner on the hillside above Kigari, said to himself. He said he would like to serve a third term to concentrate. Priority for leveling up and changing the UK legal and immigration system.

According to one biography writer, becoming a prime minister was the result of his lifelong ambitions for a man who wanted to be the "king of the world" as a child.

For years, his allies warned that he underestimated Alexander Boris de Feffel Johnson, and his ruffled appearance and joking attitude made him He said he masked his ruthlessness.

However, opponents have long said that his incompatibility with his personal work and his carelessness in detail can be seen through when his showmanship mask slips and the jokes fade. Was there.

"The house of cards built on the basis of lies and deception will collapse," said Ed Davie, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Centrist. "Go and go now. You have lost the credit of our great country long enough." (Report by Elizabeth Piper, additional report by Andrew MacAskill, edited by Michael Holden, Peter Graff, Andrew Heavens)