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Argonauts enter the Lions' den where an aggressive finish is urgently needed

Toronto Argonauts running back Andrew Harris (33) is tackled by Montreal Alouettes linebacker Chris Ackie (21) during first second CFL football action in Toronto Thursday, June 16, 2022.
Toronto running back Andrew Argonauts Harris (33) was tackled by Montreal Alouette linebacker Chris Ackie (21) during his first second CFL football action in Toronto on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Argonauts is already at a crossroads in one game to the CFL season.

In football, winning by any means or any point difference is a victory, but there is something to worry about how Argos manages to cling to the thinnest margin when escaping. There was one point victory in the opening round last week when I visited Montreal.

On Saturday night at BC Place, Argos will play his first road game of the season with a Lions opponent cheered up by the presence of Canadian quarterback Nathan Rourke.
After defeating Argos, Argos head coach Ryan Din Woody rated the attack as a "C".

"It's pretty average," Dinwiddie said when assessing violations and the inability to exit the drive.

Dating back to the East Finals last fall, Toronto's attack recorded a touchdown once every eight quarters.
Defensively, Argos forced two outs on Montreal's opening drive last week, but not since.
On the other hand, B.C. Is celebrating goodbye week after the opening of the Lions season sheds light on the confused Edmonton Elks team.

Saturday night, four consecutive matches against the western opponents of Argos will begin.

Upon returning from Vancouver, Boatman will take a few days off to host Winnipeg on a rare kick-off on Monday night, with a series of matches, including Argos' home game in Nova Scotia. ..

In a month, Argos moves from coast to coast without the illusion of coasting to win.

All they have to do is show improvement or consider changing personnel in the early seasons.

Dinwidy, who hadn't practiced during the week of the Argos match because Argos was preparing, decided to slow down his practice last week because he tested positive for COVID. For Leo.

"We played faster," Dinwiddie said. "They understand that we have to take more steps. I have to call the play and do a better job of putting them (players) in the right position.

"I'll tell you a lot this week. Are we going to take the next step and find a way to make the attack better? We're decent, but great I can't say. "

No one wants a quarterback change. Argos remains the team of McLeod Bethel Thompson, but rather than settling on a field goal, something needs to be changed so that the attack can record a touchdown.
Backup Chad Kelly isn't ready to grab the reins because he hasn't snapped in a regular season match.
But if, despite lack of knowledge of the CFL, Argos, the theme that emerged last season, can't end the breach, I feel that day is just around the corner.

Again, only one game has entered the season, but nothing has changed in terms of producing touchdowns.

"Must end with a touchdown," Dinwidy emphasized. "That's our focus. We need to keep the drive and end the drive. We know that at the end of the game (last week) we didn't end the drive and put a defense on the field. After that drive, I didn't reach the field goal (Ars missed to maintain his victory in Toronto). "


Dejon Brissett, the second-year receiver in second place overall in the 2020 CFL draft, will make his season debut on Saturday.

Bresset had a great camp but hurt his hamstring.

"He's ready to go," said Dinwidy of Bresset, who made a big jump in the middle of the 2021 rookie season.

Dinwidy thinks Bresset practiced at different speeds during Thursday's rally before Argos flew to Vancouver to hold a team walkthrough on Friday. and.

"I felt today (Friday) was the best day of the year," Dinwiddie said. "They were just trapped. They understand that this is a business trip. We are flying for 5 hours for a reason, and that is to win the football game.

"Everyone understands that we weren't in the best condition last week. We showed a flash, but it was far from where we needed it. They knew it. , I feel they are dialed in, and we will meet tomorrow (Saturday). "

Pivotal Match

Henock Muamba has seen them all during his outstanding run at the CFL.

When he sees Roke in a movie, he sees a QB that can manage crime.
The key to the defense of Moambe and Argos is to confuse their appearance and try to deny the run game and featured tailback James Butler.

"I want to see how much he (Roke) can read (defense)," said the Argos linebacker. "We want to disguise things here and there. We want to see him throw the rock and see how well he works.

" We want him I want to test, see where he is, and make adjustments during the game. "


Gray Cup hump Hamilton's teammates, Brandon Banks and Delvin Blow, who couldn't get past the two, are on the other side for the first time in the future Hall of Fame.

Shutdown Cornerback Breaux hasn't played since the 2019 Gray Cup.

"I'm glad to see him back on the field," said Argos' Wide Outbanks of Blow. "He is one of my best friends. When I'm not here in Canada, he and Jeremiah (Masori) are the ones I'm most in contact with.

" We often talk to each other It's exciting to compete with him because I know. Obviously, as a competitor, it draws the best from you. "

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