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Around the house: Home inspections are worth more than resale

In Toronto, about 70 per cent of our inspections are now done for sellers.
In Toronto, about 70 A percentage of our inspections are now done for sellers. Photo by Photograph Courtesy of Canadian Home Inspectors for Consumers

Spring 2022's raging real estate market put a lot of money in a lot of pockets. But for those who bought a home in its heyday, it can end up being costly long after things settle down, saysCarson Dunlop CEO of Home Inspections. and the recently formed Canadian Home Inspector for Consumers (CHIC)

conditions, whether it was on loan or inspection. Sellers were getting so many offers, but they were [only] looking at clean offers,” says Carson. CHIC, he adds, was formed as a response to his industry after seeing these homeowners feeling pressured by earlier inspections.

"You shouldn't buy a property without a home inspection," argues Carson. “Like a used car, you can't buy it without a mechanic looking at it. , the media, and homeowners to recognize the value and importance of testing. "It's about understanding what you're going for. That way you can factor the amount into your decisions about managing your mortgage and finances."

Although the market has changed dramatically since the coalition was formed, Carson says home inspections remain important. In fact, his group believes every home needs them before they hit the market and wants the information available to all interested prospects.

Home inspections are vital to making informed buying decisions, says Alan Carson.
Home inspections are essential to making informed purchasing decisions, says Alan Carson says. Photo by Photograph Courtesy of Canadian Home Inspectors for Consumers

He suggests that it will be especially important. Dad — You're obsessed with buying a house, but you realize you don't have any unplanned expenses left.

Inspections are valuable throughout the life of a home. Carson also hopes the inspection will be less of his one-off event tied to a real estate deal, suggesting it could be beneficial before or as part of a renovation. A multi-year improvement/maintenance strategy.

"A home is an economic investment, but it's also a lifestyle," he says. "A home should keep you warm, safe and dry. But it should also be comfortable and efficient, and what a home inspection can tell you about that is invaluable."

Regular inspections flag structural problems, electrical or mold problems, problems with aging water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning units, and materials such as roofing, insulation, and siding. can be attached. They can often give you a rough estimate of what the repair will cost or share information about available rebates. Others, such as Carson Dunlop, have specialized inspections for energy efficiency, sewerage on older wooded sites, moisture levels, and the safety and efficiency of wood-burning appliances.

If you are looking for a home inspector,Carson suggests consulting with the Canadian Association of Housing and Property Inspectors. Competent inspectors have meaningful, specific training and experience, and have adequate professional liability insurance to rely on if the homeowner misses something.

} For Alan Carson's take on Home Inspector licensing,

. The factors that determine the condition of the home are also important to clearly communicate the verbal and written assessment.

"Tell people you're a home inspector. They think you're telling people what's wrong with their home. But I'm in the solutions business. … to tell them what [people] can do proactively to solve the problem.”

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