As fire grows and people scream, mom drops kids from fourth-floor window to bystanders

Dramatic video not for the squeamish

One of four children is dropped from the window of a burning apartment.

Four children were dropped out of the windows of their fourth-floor apartment into the arms of bystanders to escape a fire in their unit last week in Istanbul. As she dangles each child out of the window, the mother tries to ensure she would drop them beyond the range of the awning over the ground-floor shop.

Black smoke can be seen pouring out of the windows, as neighbours lean out from the units below and people on the ground scream out of fear for the kids — and some shout at the mother not to drop the children.

One of the neighbours who witnessed the incident said that “First, black smoke started to come out,’ according to Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper.

A child in red pants falls past neighbours to safety.
A child in red pants falls past neighbours to safety.

“Then, the children started shouting from the windows. And we opened the blankets. A woman threw the children down from above. So, we caught four kids with blankets.”

Two of the children in the apartment are saved.
Two of the children in the apartment are saved.

The four youngsters were carried to ambulances, and Turkish media reported they were uninjured. The mother was hospitalized but discharged soon after, according to news reports.

The apartment fire started at an electrical panel, and was extinguished by firefighters after the mother, two other children and two older adults were evacuated.

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