B.C. Election update for Sept. 25: Get the latest news from the campaign

This is your daily campaign trail update with everything you need for Sept. 25, 2020.

The B.C. provincial election will be held Oct. 24.

This is your daily campaign trail update with everything you need for Sept. 25, 2020.

This page will be updated throughout the day, with developments added as they happen.


Andrew Wilkinson, Liberal:  The Liberal leader will hold a media availability in Vancouver’s Yaletown. The event will be streamed on the B.C. Liberals Facebook page.

Sonia Furstenau, Green:  The Green leader will be in her home Cowichan Valley riding today, conducting media interviews in the morning and campaigning in the afternoon.

John Horgan, NDP: The NDP leader will be in Coquitlam this morning with MLA Selina Robinson to talk housing with voters. He’ll also be making a housing announcement there at 10 a.m. Horgan has virtually meetings scheduled this afternoon with candidates and voters.


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6 a.m. – The NDP’s 2017 key campaign promises: What they delivered and what they didn’t

When it entered the last provincial election campaign, in 2017, the NDP had been sitting on the Opposition benches for 16 long years and desperately wanted to form government. The party’s 100-page campaign platform contained about 250 promises, and although many were repetitive or overlapped, a large number vowed to shake up major policies that impact the lives of British Columbians.

The NDP did form government, through a power-sharing agreement with the Green party, and began chipping away at the election promises — some were completed quickly, others more slowly, some not at all.


12 a.m. – Elections B.C. prepares to tackle 160,000 — and growing — mail-in ballots

More than 160,000 British Columbians have requested mail-in ballots in just three days since Premier John Horgan called a snap election.

How many mail-in ballots will actually be cast is the big mystery.

Voters in New Brunswick took advantage of advance voting when they went to the polls earlier this month. About 35 per cent of votes were cast during a two-day advance vote, while only 17 per cent were cast my mail. B.C.’s advance voting window is a full seven days, beginning Oct. 15 through the 21, from 8 a.m.-to-8 p.m.


12 a.m. – Vaughn Palmer: Horgan drops reminders of bridge tolls, Liberals’ lengthy baggage train

Premier John Horgan kicked off his re-election campaign with a couple reminders of the political masterstroke that helped launch him into office in 2017.

“The former government put tolls on the bridge coming into Surrey,” he reminded the audience at a stop in B.C.’s second largest city in the second full day of campaigning Wednesday. “Our first order of business was to eliminate those tolls when we formed a government, to make life a little more affordable for B.C.ers.”


12 a.m. – Don’t pet voters’ dogs or sneeze on campaign literature — a few of the B.C. party COVID tips for staff

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer, said earlier this week that it was up to political parties to set their own policies about how to campaign while keeping the candidates, workers and voters safe from COVID-19.

“Each political party has come up with their COVID safety plan,” Henry said. “We absolutely will be monitoring and providing guidance and advice as needed, to ensure that these are done in a way that is safe.”

The three main parties supplied their safety plans to Postmedia, and there are obvious similarities around mask-wearing, social distancing, handwashing and staying home when sick.


12 a.m. – B.C. NDP favoured in spite of overwhelming disapproval of snap election, according to poll

The majority (58 per cent) of British Columbians disapprove of Premier John Horgan’s decision to call an early election, according to a new poll from Insights West.



Sonia Furstenau, Green: “In conversations with B.C. NDP this summer we explicitly asked for more child-care action and pushed for legislation to lock this in for a fall session. Instead of legislation we got a fall election, and more misleading comments about why the B.C. NDP aren’t delivering on something families desperately need. None of us should be debating childcare in the media today. We should be in the legislature working to pass legislation that strengthens access and affordability to childcare.”

John Horgan, NDP: “The Green party in 2017 would not support our $10-a-day plan. So we pivoted to do the possible. Politics is about the art of the possible. Our Green colleagues would not support the child-care advocates’ plan. So we pivoted to put in place pilot projects so we could demonstrate not just to the Greens, but to other British Columbians, how important this was. And then we went about creating thousands of spaces that reduce costs for families.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Liberal: “No one trusts his answers anymore, and every time he comes up with one of his allegations about the Green party they immediately tell him he’s making it up. So there’s an emerging trust issue with John Horgan.”


The poll, found that 30 per cent of respondents strongly oppose the snap election called for Oct. 24, while 27 per cent are somewhat opposed.

Despite the antipathy to an election being held a year early and in the middle of a pandemic, the poll indicates Horgan’s NDP remains the party of choice among British Columbians.

If a B.C. election was held tomorrow, which party’s candidate would you vote for?If the election was held tomorrow, 42 per cent of decided voters said they would vote NDP, ahead of 29 per cent for the Liberals, 16 per cent for the Greens and 12 per cent for the B.C. Conservatives.


12 a.m. – B.C. NDP doubles down on child care, while parties fight for votes in Maple Ridge

NDP leader John Horgan recommitted to a $10-a-day childcare plan Thursday, blaming his inability to complete a marquee promise from the last election on his former political best friends, the B.C. Greens.

Horgan used the battleground ridings of Maple Ridge — where his party picked up two seats over the B.C. Liberals in 2017 — to promise a renewed emphasis on the $10-a-day plan.

He cited the B.C. Greens as the reason for not delivering the $10 childcare system, suggesting the Greens undermined those efforts from the start of his mandate. Only by shrugging the Greens aside, and securing a full mandate, can the NDP deliver upon the plan, Horgan said.

The power-sharing agreement between the NDP and Greens gave Horgan the votes necessary to defeat the B.C. Liberals in 2017 and take power. Horgan broke the deal earlier this week to call an early election.

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