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BCGEU members refuse to raise wages by 9.99% over three years

The state government and its workers, 33,000, are miles apart in collective agreement negotiations

B.C. Liquor Store workers are in a position to strike after the BCGEU and government could not agree on a wage package.
B.C. BCGEU and the government could not agree on a wage package, so liquor store workers are in a position to strike. Photo: NICK PROCAYLO /PNG

B.C. Government sends notes directly to 33,000 members of B.C. I did. The General Employees Union has informed them of an offer to raise wages by 9.99% over three years.

"Many people see the latest breaking news from BCGEU and after the negotiations between the union and the employer collapse, the union plans a targeted strike action. It shows that it is. " Bobby Sadler, a civil service agency in BC.

"I think it's worth sharing the financial offer that the employer offered directly with BCGEU because of the potential for future strike behavior, so the negotiation situation is complete. If you have any questions about the possibility of a strike, please consult with the union representative. ”

Members will agree to the strike action on June 22 if necessary. Voted 95%.

Sadler further stated that the government had proposed a 3.76% and 3.23% wage increase. 1 cent and 3% in 3 years (with signing bonus up to $ 2,500).

If the three-year inflation rate exceeds 9.5%, the number of workers will increase by up to 1% in the final year of the contract.

BCGEU represents civil servants in a variety of states, from liquor store employees to forest firefighters, administrative staff, correction staff and social welfare officers. Some of its members are essential workers and cannot be attacked.

On Monday, BCGEU Chairman and Chairman of the Negotiations Committee, Stephanie Smith, said negotiations had collapsed as the government was not ready to provide a promise that wage increases would catch up with inflation. ..

Due to COVID-19 pandemic supply chain issues and the impact of the war in Ukraine, Canada's inflation rate is now close to 8%. The federal government is raising interest rates to cool the economy and lower prices, but this does not affect gas prices or anything else.

Smith said her members want a 5% wage increase while protecting their living expenses.

The living cost guarantee of the unionized wage agreement is rare, but last month, B.C. Vince Ready, the top mediator of the company, was in the limelight when it included living cost adjustments in its joint transactions. Accepted by the bus driver on the sea-to-air route and his employer.

There are about 400,000 civil servants who have a collective agreement that expires in 2022.

Sadler said the government and BCGEU are continuing to negotiate basic service levels.

"In this case," essential service "is the minimum staffing that must be maintained to prevent immediate and serious harm to the health, safety, or welfare of British Colombians during a strike. Refers to, "Sudler wrote.

Smith said that actions at work initially include tackling overtime bans and governance, that is, not performing tasks outside the scope of the collective agreement. ..

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