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Watch out for bed bugs after the day of moving, experts warn

They are not the only annoying creatures to watch out for.

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La Presse Canadienne

La Presse Canadienne

Katrine Desautels et Martin Leblanc

A mattress left on the curb during moving day in Montreal on July 1, 2021.
A mattress was left on the curb on the day of travel in Montreal. July 1, 2021.Photo: Dave Sidaway/Montreal Gazette

Invasion experts warn Kebecker to be wary of bed bugs and other creatures.

According to a 2015 survey, 1.1% of Quebec households have had bedbugs in the last few years. These insects are mainly found in urban areas, especially in Montreal.

According to data from the city of Montreal, lessees are most affected by this issue. Tenants with an annual income of less than $ 20,000 are particularly affected. In fact, 8.9% of low-income renters are affected by the epidemic problem compared to 0.9% of those who earn more than $ 60,000.

Still, unwanted insects can invade the home, says Hélène Bouchard, president of MBM Gestion Parasitaire.

"Regardless of invasion, creatures do not choose their social status and anyone can be affected," she said. "We don't want them to be in our house, but we have to talk about it when they break the taboo. Don't be shy because everyone is at risk. Please speak. "

Bed bugs do not infect the bite. However, Mr. Bushar said it causes many psychological problems such as stress and insomnia. Cockroaches, on the other hand, can cause health concerns for people with asthma.

"You have to act quickly," Bouchard said.

She recommends examining her premises when moving to her new home. "It's a good moment to look for traces that bedbugs may have left, even if they're unfurnished and moving to an empty unit."

For bedbugs, she has a baseboard and an outlet. I suggest you look around. There may be traces of excrement that look like traces of a black pencil. Bed bug corpses and exoskeletons may also fall off when transformed into adults.

Cockroaches tend to be found in kitchens as well as in bathrooms with plumbing and hot water. According to Bushar, these insects escape the light and generally gather in groups under the sink.

"I don't bring a sink when I move, so it's a place to check when I enter the unit," she said.

Bouchard recommends pulling out the fridge to check for live cockroaches and hulls if appliances are included on the move. She added that cockroaches will leave small black marks that look like ground coffee.

If an intrusion is detected, you should contact the building manager or owner to prevent it from invading adjacent units.

Bouchard advises not to use domestic products or pesticides sold in large stores. They are repellents and cannot solve the problem. All you have to do is apply a bandage to the wound.

When dealing with bed bugs and cockroaches, it is advisable to have equipment to get rid of these unwanted creatures and deal with specialists who can advise people on this stressful situation. ..

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