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Bean Little League batter console crying opposing pitcher.

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Associated Press

{ . Final game of the Little League Southwest Regional Playoffs in Waco, Texas on Tuesday. Photo by Screen Grab of Video /Twitter

WACO, Texas - Little League batters will play Tuesday The incident occurred during the finals of the Little League Southwest Regional Playoffs in Waco, Texas.

Right-hander Cayden Shelton of Purland, Texas, had 0 RBI Tuesday against hitter Isaiah of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A -2 pitch detached from him and slammed into Jarvis' helmet. Jarvis fell to the ground holding his head as a concerned coach rushed to his aid.

After a while Jarvis cleared his head and was able to walk to first base by himself. Meanwhile, Shelton stood on the mound, staring tearfully at the ground, wondering what had happened.

Moments later, Jarvis walked up to the mound and grabbed his arm. I turned to Shelton and said. Alright, let's go. "Shelton's teammates and coaches gathered around the pair to console the young right-hander.

The gesture sparked a standing ovation. Pairland beat Tulsa, 9-4, next week. advanced to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania from

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