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Explosion to Destroy Stellco's Furnace Surprised Some of the Hamiltonians

Wednesday, controlled explosion to remove blast furnace on former Stelco property surprised me.

Current District 3 aldermen, environmental advocates, and neighbors complained about the apparent "lack of prior notice" to the destruction of an electric furnace that went down just after 9:00 a.m. , said a few things.

Just 45 minutes before the first explosion, at around 8:00 am on August 17, a police social media post alerted citizens of Hamilton that a "very big, very big" explosion was planned. I was informed that

U. I might go until 4pm today. This is done on Pier 16.

Be careful as this is very large and very noisy.

You can see the Explosives Division, the Hamilton Marines, and the Halton Marines.

— Hamilton Police (@HamiltonPolice) Aug 17, 2022

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A controlled explosion collapsed an approximately 54-year-old, 200-foot-tall furnace at Pier 16.

A spokesperson for Priestly Demolition, which undertook the work, said the demolition entered the planning stage after he had been 12 months away. This included consultations with demolition crews, Stelco security and environmental staff, land owners and professional demolition workers.

"The explosion was intended to cut through thick steel, but the structure was too tall and too heavy for other methods to be used without endangering the lives of workers. was chosen because it was too tall and too heavy," said Connie Clearwater. Marketing & Communications Director at Priestly.

According to Mr Clearwater, the explosives were placed to "cut and displace" the columns within the structure, causing them to collapse under the tower's own weight.

Detonation was chosen for the safety of ground personnel who were to be tasked with removing debris using heavy equipment.

The company claims there was no danger to residents near the plant because the operation left "in the footsteps of the site."

Removal of the blast furnace supports redevelopment aimed at creating a world-class industrial park on currently vacant industrial land.

Slate Asset Management will inject up to $3.8 billion into the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ontario economies.

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In a statement to Global News to acquire 800 acres of industrial land and develop an industrial park, Coun. said it contacted Mr. Stelco "many times."

After the explosion, she learned that the Community Liaison Committee had sent her 10 hours' notice of the excursion to the waterfront.

"There was only one resident participant on that committee, she, and my office was considered an observer and didn't receive notice. That doesn't make sense," Nunn said. Told.

"There have been concerns from residents shocked and frightened by the sudden demolition."

Demolition of Stelco's furnace this morning. A photograph of a rather large black cloud of particles emitted into the air at . No beneficial impact on already endangered airsheds…

— Environmental Hamilton (@EnvHamilton) Aug 17, 2022

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Environmental Hamilton spokesperson Ian Borsk described the issue as " An unfortunate reality." explosion.

"As you know, his members of the community and groups like us in the environment his Hamilton shouldn't be responsible for warning people to close their windows for a few hours after that." he told his news, Borsuk Global.

"If they were concerned about their health, they should have told the company that was doing this demolition."

The Stelco blast furnace explosion was heard and felt by many of my neighbors today and came as a surprise to too many Hamiltonians. Not only was it a shock, especially for those who live nearby, but particulate matter is now drifting through our cities.#HamOnt

— Cameron Kroetsch (@CameronKroetsch) Aug 17, 2022

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District 2 alderman candidate and chairman of the city's LGBTQ2 committee, Cameron Kroetsch, took to social media to in a post described the event as "a surprise for too many Hamiltonians."

Ward 5 Candidate and Director of Environmental Hamilton:ynda Lukasik explains how the demolition affected air quality as the land hosted a former coke oven. Concerned about the situation, he called the situation "less than ideal."

"The blast furnace is right in the middle of it," said Lukasik.

It worries me because I know particle contamination is not a good thing. I was.

Yep – @StelcoCanada definitely didn't make a proper announcement. Some residents panicked that something had gone terribly wrong in the industrial heartland. They didn't know this was a planned demolition.

— District 5 City Council Member Lynda Lukasik (@lyndalukasik) August 17, 2022

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Hamilton Police say the event was observed by both Hamilton and Halton Marines without incident.

In a statement, Priestley described the demolition as "a great structural and environmental success."

Clearwater said a "listed materials survey" was conducted on the structure prior to demolition to identify hazardous materials on the site and remove them in accordance with the survey.

"Additionally, the dust was well contained within the boundaries of his Stelco property," he said.

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