Blue Jays’ World Series odds slashed after George Springer signing

Toronto officially announced the signing of outfielder George Springer on Saturday, and the Blue Jays’ World Series odds have been slashed by more than half since the start of the offseason.

The Blue Jays were being offered at +7000 by PointsBet shortly after the Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series. Three months later, those odds have been shortened by more than 50 percent to +3000, putting Toronto among the top half of the teams in the American League.

Consider, too, that FanDuel (+2200) and DraftKings (+2500) like the Jays’ chances even more, raising Toronto to eighth and 11th in the odds standings. All three betting sites remain bullish on the Dodgers and Yankees.

In addition to Springer, the Blue Jays have signed right-hander Tyler Chatwood and reliever Kirby Yates.

Other teams making big moves this offseason include the New York Mets, who have seen their odds at PointsBet shorten from +3000 to +1200 following a series of moves that included acquiring All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Cleveland has gone the opposite direction, moving from +1700 in late October to +3000 after dealing Lindor.

2021 World Series Odds: Current (Opening odds)

Los Angeles Dodgers: +435 (+375)

New York Yankees: +550 (+700)

San Diego Padres: +800 (+750)

Atlanta Braves: +950 (+1200)

Chicago White Sox: +1000 (+1100)

New York Mets: +1200 (+3000)

Minnesota Twins: +1400 (+1000)

Houston Astros: +1700 (+1700)

Tampa Bay Rays: +1800 (+1000)

Oakland Athletics: +1800 (+1200)

Cleveland Indians: +3000 (+1700)

Cincinnati Reds: +3000 (+2500)

Toronto Blue Jays: +3000 (+7000)

Washington Nationals: +3000 (+3000)

Chicago Cubs: +3500 (+2000)

St. Louis Cardinals: +3500 (+3500)

Los Angeles Angels: +4000 (+4000)

Philadelphia Phillies: +4000 (+4000)

Boston Red Sox: +5000 (+8000)

Milwaukee Brewers: +5000 (+5000)

Miami Marlins: +5500 (+20000)

Arizona Diamondbacks: +7000 (+6600)

Colorado Rockies: +8000 (+15000)

San Francisco Giants: +8000 (+7000)

Seattle Mariners: +8000 (+25000)

Baltimore Orioles: +10000 (+12500)

Texas Rangers: +10000 (+12500)

Kansas City Royals: +10000 (+15000)

Detroit Tigers: +10000 (+25000)

Pittsburgh Pirates: +20000 (+35000)

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