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Brown: After the shooting in the United States, the threat to GTA schools is increasing.

Toronto Police were called to the Port Union area of Scarborough over reports of a person with a rifle near a school on May 26, 2022. Police found that person and shot him dead. Afterward, it was discovered that the man had a pellet gun
Toronto police in 2022 May 26, Scarborough's Port Union area over reports of people with rifles near the school. Police found the person and shot him dead. Later, it was discovered that the man had a pellet gunPhoto courtesy of Veronica Henri/Toronto Police

Threats There has been recent news about schools in Toronto.

At the end of May, police were called into the Port Union area of ​​Scarborough for reports of someone with a rifle near the school.

Police found the person and shot him dead.

Later, it was discovered that the man had a pellet gun. The case has been investigated by SIU, so there are few details.

Four schools were closed during the incident.

This was two days after the bloodbath on May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people were shot dead. Not surprisingly, Ryan Bird, a spokesman for the Toronto District Board of Education (TDSB), said there was growing awareness of the possibility of shooting at school at the time.

Copycats tend to turn up after a mass shooting in the United States.

Indeed, in the wake of Yuvalde, police during GTHA sought threats to schools, including replica guns (pellets, BB guns, airguns).  Police in Bowmanville,Aurora, Toronto,Oakville,Hamiltonin the last week of May. , Arrested in a case involving a replica gun or school.

The threat to schools continued until Juneat Sir Wilfrid Laurier University of Scarborough(and holding and securing orders at six nearby schools). It was blocked. 55} Branksome Hall, a private girls' school in downtown Toronto, andNotre Dame Catholic Secondary Schoolfrom Ajax.

A 13-year-old and two 15-year-olds were arrested in these cases.

After police shot and killed a man with a pellet gun,York Regional Police issued a warning Police said the gun was real whenever they responded. A threat that reminds people to assume that.

Partially says:

"A tragic event inside or outside Canada has a spillover effect in our own community. In the past few weeks, we've responded to threats created on social media sites connected to schools ... we couldn't find a legitimate report in the sense that we didn't really intend to carry out the threat. But they have a deep interest in the police and the community. "

In this release, the threat was discussed with teens and the police We are always asking teens to understand that they take such threats seriously.

And respond accordingly.

The Toronto Police Department Laura Brabant said GTA's entire force is addressing threats to schools — written, telephone messages, or social media.

 "I don't guess why the threat is happening, but it's clear that this kind of incident is taken very seriously. I want to, "says Brabant. statement.

"They are thoroughly investigated by the service to not only establish the effectiveness of the threat, but also to find the person responsible. Last week , A 14-year-old boy was arrested and charged with mischief and intimidation related to threats to the school. "

School threats, It is very stressful for the wider community and requires enormous resources to properly investigate. 

This week, Bird hasn't seen a significant change in the number of blockades or holds and safety orders at the TDSB school, despite all her recent activities. Said that.

(The blockage includes turning off the lights, ordering to leave the window, and moving under the desk for safety. Holds by nearby activities or threats. As a safety measure, the exterior doors are locked, but school life continues internally as usual.)

"This is not new. Years There was also a threat, "Bird said.

"We have to take it seriously. We tell the policeand they make every effort to track the person.

In many cases, he added that the threat is unreliable, but the police are notified and the parent organization is notified anyway.

"We know there are some impersonators. They have seen media coverage, and it's an additional Encourage action.

"Therefore, there may not have been an increase, but there have been recent examples of threats to schools that have attracted attention."

Emphasizing that gun violence is extremely rare in schools in Toronto, Bird conducted biannual blockade training "to ensure the safety of staff and students" at each of the 583 TDSB schools. I explained that it was done.

And teenagers who pose these threats.

"In my sense, they don't understand the magnitude of what they are doing. But it's a criminal accusation, and It can lead to expulsion or suspension from the TDSB.

"We take it very seriously."

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