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Braves aims to complete the Cardinal's 4-game sweep

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Atlantic Braves will send a strong right-handed Spencer Strider to the mound on Thursday in an attempt to secure a four-game sweep for the visiting Cardinal St. Louis.

Strider (4-2, 2.87 ERA) is opposed to St. Louis' left-handed Matthew Riveratore (2-1, 5.66) in a rookie battle.

Atlanta won the series 3-0 three times in a row on Wednesday, marking the team's fifth shutout of the season and winning seven of the last nine. Braves beat St. Louis seven times in a row, improving from June 1st to 26-7.

The Cardinal is trying to stop the defeat of four games in a row during the season.

Strider has won three straight games and has only run once in the last 12 innings. At his recent start in Cincinnati on Saturday, Strider threw 6 innings and on his 7th career start, 1 hit, 1 walk, 11 strikeouts and 1 run to match the height of his career. I gave up.

"Great," said Brian Snicker, Atlanta's manager. "He was free and easy. It's two really good things. His breakball was really good."

Strider said: He is starting to grow a little.

Strider has never faced a cardio.

Riveratore was unable to get out of three innings at the start with Philadelphia on Saturday, but 5-0 when the card matched the major league record and achieved four consecutive wins in the opening inning. Leaded by. Riveratore did not receive a decision after 2 he made 2/3 innings and allowed 5 runs, 1 walk and 3 strikeouts with 7 hits.

"You want to fill the zone with a strike, but I didn't do that with that lead," Riveratore said. "I paid for it. Maybe it's a little mechanical and maybe a little too fast through my delivery. I don't think a ton is missing. Many of those fastballs are plates. I was off the beaten track. Go back and make sure everything is in the strike zone early in the count. "

Riveratore makes his first career appearance against Braves.

The bright spot for the Cardinal is the performance of the Bull Pen.

Zack Thompson and Jobani Galegos each threw a scoreless inning on Wednesday. In other words, the rescuer of St. Louis threw no points innings 16 times in a row. Cardinals Bullpen's July ERA is 0.83, with two win runs in 21 2/3 innings and 20 strikeouts against 10 hits.

Packy Naughton limits left-handed hitters to an average .138 hit rate (29-4) and allows only one left-handed hit when leaving the Bull Pen. Hmm. Infield single to Luis Gonzalez in San Francisco. Since then, his left-handed opponent has been 18-0 when faced with him outside the Bull Pen.

Atlanta made two more home runs on Wednesday, leading the National League with 126.

Braves has seven players who made their first double-digit home run before the All-Star game. Since the team moved to Atlanta in 1966, Austin Riley (21), Marcel Ozna (17), Dansby Swanson (14), Matt Olson (12), Travis Darnaud (11), Adam Duval (10), William Contreras ( Ten).

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