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The street entertainer takes over Kingston and Onto. For the annual festival

TheBuskers The Rendezvous Festival began Wednesday night at the Renaissance Theater with a special sneak preview. After a two-year hiatus for

COVID-19, the festival will celebrate its 32nd year in Limestone City.

The excitement arose as a small crowd was able to capture performances from just a handful of performers with stores in Kingston over the next four days. Juggling and music were just a few of the many talents on display.

Many performers and artists suffer from restrictions that impede performance.

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On Wednesday night, some of the attendees said they were trying a bit to hit the city of Kingston this weekend.

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"I was lucky to be here as I continued to do this as a job during the pandemic. It's great. I'm really lucky to be able to play, bassk and play music in places like Kingston, "said Walker and Wilde of the musical duo.

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"I've wanted to do this festival for a long time, but there are generally schedule conflicts. Or something comes up and it's coming out for the first time. I'm really, really excited and I'm really looking forward to the end of the action-packed show weekend. " Said.

The same was true for Juggler Richard Philby, who flew from England last week.

"It feels great to be back on the road and travel the world and everything is reopened," Philby said. “Most of the performer's identities are based on their performance, so I'm very relieved.”

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The crowd shows The excitement was only part of what we could expect when the festival officially started.

With the official launch of the festival on Thursday, Kingston residents will regain their new face and popularity and entertain.

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