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Calgary man's $900 trillion demand and bizarre restraining order thrown out of court

"We may determine that this amount is well above Canada's total annual Gross Domestic Product of approximately $1.64 trillion."

Each of Raven Wolf's lawsuits was identified by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta as part of a growing trend of bizarre claims that ignore legal language, process, and precepts — and often the law itself.
A growing propensity for bizarre claims by the Queen's Court of Justice to ignore the growing legal language, process, precepts, and, in many cases, the law itself. Photo by Gavin Young/Postmedia/File

Alberta prosecutors worried about paying $900 trillion in litigation costs A wounded man suing for alleged harassment and bullying in court that he doesn't have to.

Nor does the state have to find his $900 trillion and force a restraining order to keep all civil servants 200 meters away from the same man he is. Nor will his landlord face a $900 trillion demand and a court order to "confide his f–k in my presence."

A judge said the financial claims in a series of cases by the same man were astronomical.

All five of his unusual cases filed in court by a man from the same Calgary were declared abuse of procedure and removed from court.

The lawsuit was part of a "broader unjustified litigation" by Raven Wolf,according to the decision of Calgary Deputy Commissioner John Luke. 37}

The series of court motions filed by Wolf between April and July are clearly autographed and certainly non-standard legal documents.

Mr. Wolfe has been implicated in persistent and recurring abusive lawsuits

The Queen of Alberta Court of Appeals is part of a growing trend of bizarre allegations. It ignores the legal language, processes, precepts, and, in many cases, the laws themselves, each identified as a department.

Some of Wolfe's actions include the government demanding that he pay taxes, the 'secret 19th of the virus', and the loss of food and gas through unspecified 'corruption and abuse'. High costs, and he has lost him under the state's income guarantee for severely disabled people and has many disputes with landlords at the mobile home park where he lives. The case against prosecutors came after a criminal case in which Wolfe pleaded guilty and did not appeal, the court heard. "I suffered physical, medical and financial injuries," he said in the lawsuit.

Identified as an "offensive application or proceeding" (AVAP), Wolfe was instructed to tell the court how the defendant could make a meaningful response to the allegation. It is not prohibited and does not seek excessive or impossible remedies.

According to the court, Wolf disregarded the judge's instructions.

Alberta courts ruled that he enacted his AVAP process in 2019 to "provide unsubstantiated, seemingly unsuccessful, or "abusive and frustrating" court claims. Reduced the time spent on 'Flood'.

The types of litigants typically involved in these types of litigation were outlined in the 2018 lawsuit that led to the creation of the AVAP process calledUnrau v National Dental Examining Board.

“Some people are psychopaths. is the result of their beliefs or ideologies, such as organized quasi-commercial lawsuits.

"Their paranoid and conspiratorial anti-government and anti-institutional They reject their obligations under Canadian law and attack those who offend their sensitivities.Other abusive litigants abuse the court process for their own gain." 69}

  1. None

    Calgary heirs used fake law to get condo for free

  2. People following ideas like the “sovereign citizen” and “freeman of the land” movements are appearing in courts throughout Canada but Alberta seems to be the “epicentre,” says one lawyer.

    Judge fined lawyer for approving "pseudo-law" document filed by defendant

The same judge who handled Wolf's case recently ruled that thebillionaire Calgary heiress should be given a condominium. accused her of using the concept of "pseudo-law" to avoid paying her mortgage. Lukecalled her a "litigated terrorist."

Wolf's case was recently declared a "desperate and abusive case". I asked for unrealistic damages.

While the court was contesting her first wave of lawsuits, Mr. Wolf was heard in court to have initiated her second wave of similar lawsuits.

In a ruling released this week, Calgary's John His Deputy Luke dismissed Wolfe's lawsuit.

"Based on the information I have received, I can determine that Mr. Wolfe is involved in persistent and repetitive abusive lawsuits," Luke wrote in the judgment.

"Not only is his problem hopeless, but Mr. Wolfe's allegations are encrypted, which precludes evaluation of his claims. Or at least attacking the same subject on apparently related grounds.. Wolfe's Complaints: Mr. Wolfe has now launched at least five desperate lawsuits in Queensbench Court in Alberta, alleging abusive There are multiple indications of litigation."

He advised the courts to restrict Wolfe from initiating court proceedings without first obtaining court authorization from the person being sued. asked to apply to

Luke set a deadline for such applications, which he imposed on September 2nd.

Wolfe was unable to reach a deadline for comment.

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