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Afghans to Canada left in the dark after two charter flights from Islamabad were cancelled

CBC News learned that two charter flights departing Islamabad to Canada with Afghan refugees could not leave Pakistan this week. 

"It was very disappointing. I learned that the flight was canceled," said Jamesel Haqmall, a former Canadian NGO employee who fled Afghanistan with his family in May. Said. hiding.

"Everything was packed and everyone felt like traveling," he told CBC News from a hotel room in Islamabad Wednesday morning.

Next, the United Nations International Organization for Migration sent me a brief email with the name of Hakumor and the names of his 23 family members. 

"The scheduled flight to Canada on the 29th will be canceled for the time being. We will inform you of the latest information as soon as a new schedule is decided." 

It was the second flight that was canceled this week. The first was detained in Saskatoon on Monday night and canceled without explanation. Passengers arrived at the airport and were given a boarding pass before being told to leave.

The United Nations, the Government of Pakistan , or the Government of Canada did not provide a description of the canceled flight to Haqmall or his family. Afghanistan has arrived in Canada in the last few months on the last 11 flights from Pakistan.

On June 17, Kmiec asked the Liberal Party government about plans to spend $ 50,000 on a 2020 visit by Pakistani general Qamar Javed Bajwa. 

"General Baziwa was accused of overthrowing two Pakistani governments. Armies under his command were involved in human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings. It has something to do with the terrorist group, "Kumik said. ..

 June 23,Daily PakistanNewspapers are Pakistan The office, which reported foreigners in Canada, summoned a Canadian High Commissioner to discuss his remarks.

This Monday, Pakistan's Defense Minister Khawaja Asif,, accused the Government of Canada in the Pakistani Parliamentover the remarks of the Calgary Shepherd MP.

Conservative MP Tom Kumiek was in the House earlier this month with an army under the command of Pakistani general Qamar Javed Bajwa. He said he was involved. Human rights abuses and alternative dispute resolutions have links to terrorist groups. (Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press)

"I don't think Canadian lawmakers represent his country or people," Asif said.

It is not clear whether diplomatic tensions between the two countries contributed to the cancellation of the flight. However, Pakistan promised to help speed up the process of those fleeing Afghanistan by issuing temporary transit visas to facilitate travel to third countries. Soon there will be controversy. 

Canadian government officials. spoke under the condition of , but is not named . The subject stated that "giving [Kmiec] that much power is a dangerous story," and instead attributed the cancellation to "lack of communication within the Pakistani government."

Haqmall said that relations between the two countries should not limit the outlook for immigrants in his family. 

"I hope the Government of Canada can find a solution to this problem as soon as possible," he said. 

Former Canadian military interpreter Asad Ali Afghanistan, in Pakistan, smuggled the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as he was waiting for a flight to Canada with his family. Most of the Islamabad families have now obtained legal permission to leave the country, but it is unclear when it will actually occur because the two flights have been cancelled. 

Ongoing cooperation with Pakistan: Ottawa

CBC News contacts Foreign Minister Melanie Jolyy and Immigration Minister Sean Fraser However, neither spoke directly to the diplomats, going directly between Ottawa and Islamabad and not explaining why the flight was canceled, but said they were working on a solution. 

"We will continue to work with Pakistan to find solutions to the problems our efforts are facing," said Jolly spokesman Adrian Blanchard. In a statement, Pakistan said, "Canada in South Asia."

Fraser spokesman Adan Stricland said, for operational safety reasons, the time when flights will resume. The line could not be provided to , but in a statement: 

Assad Ali Afghan, who has been in Islamabad for eight months, said last time. He told CBC News that his flight was unthinkable. Departure from Pakistan was canceled or postponed.

Meanwhile, Kumik defended his speech in a statement to the CBC news, saying, "Conservatives always have a free government worth the money. It will guarantee that you will not incur insignificant costs. "