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Untreated Canadian immigrants leave Calgary's family "at risk"

Many spendCanada Dayto celebrate the meaning of being Canadian, but those who are waiting for the opportunity to call Canada their hometown. There is also.

The federal government is currently processing an estimated 2.4 million immigrant documents.

May Ellen Lim is one of them.

She spent Canada Day and she celebrated her anniversary seven years ago on this day in the same park and community hall in northwestern Calgary where she married.

"Every time we celebrate her wedding anniversary, fireworks are set off," Lim joked.

On July 1, 2015, Ellen Lim and Michael Quinnlan married at a public hall in northwestern Calgary.Provided

Both teachers, Lim and her husband, Michael Quinnlan, are from Canada where her husband was born. I met about 10,000 kilometers away from the soil.

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"I have lived abroad for about 21 years and taught at an international school. The last post was from the Philippines. It ended in Manila, "Quinlan said.

And although they always planned to settle in Canada, the pandemic hastened their return.

"I'm 6 years old because the Philippines didn't handle COVID-19 well," Lim said. "So, thankfully, my husband is Canadian, so I had the opportunity to move here."

May Ellen Lim, Michael Quinnlan, and The six-year-old son returned to Canada in September 2021, a few months after filing his permanent residence application for Lim. Supply

They filed a permanent resident rim application in June 2021 before moving to Calgary in September. Did.

"We tracked it and confirmed that it was received. From what we understand, we decided to get the application number shortly after it was received. "It has become," said Lim.

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Lim repeatedly tried to contact Canadian services about updating her files. , The application is still in the queue.

"They said they couldn't find my application on their system, so I don't know exactly what that means. My application is on someone's desk and Are you waiting to be processed, are you waiting to be connected to the system, or if it's lost? I don't know, "Lim said. "The radio prayer is just nerve-wracking."

Lim is now on the verge of immigration due to the lack of the application number or the original document attached to the application.

Her case is not unique. Currently, the outland application'sprocessing timeis 23 months.

The Canadian Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship did not respond to global news comments by the issuance deadline, but earlier this week the federal government tooksteps to address immigration delays. Announced. ..

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"It's a pandemic feature. It's a staff shortage feature. It's also a policy-making feature made by the government, and it's also a feature that Canada is a victim of its success." Kareem El-Assal, Director of Policy and Digital Strategy at Canada Visa, said. "The demand to come to Canada has always far exceeded the number of spots we have available."

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Lim and Quinnlan have many other irrelevant challenges when returning home, such as ankle fractures due to falls on frozen Canadian sidewalks and delays (months). Faced with. Shipping container from the Philippines.

"There was a setback along the way," Quinlan said. "It was hard. I can't get an answer from the delivery. I don't get an answer from the immigrants. Just wait, wait, wait, wait."

For now, with Lim Her family continues to have hope for Canada's future and is patiently working hard.

"It was really nice to be back in Canada to experience the seasons and see amicable faces," Quinnlan said.

"We are a country of so many cultures, and it's great to go back and meet all people and explore everything Canada offers. ”

New Federal Task Force to Consider Canadian Immigration, Passport Delays

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