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Canada's Minister of Public Security has "deeply promised" to strengthen RCMP surveillance

The Federal Minister of Public Security is "deeply committed" to strengthening surveillance ofRCMPby strengthening the role of the National Police Administration Advisory Board. It states.

In an interview,Marco Mendicinogave the board "necessary independence and autonomy", perhaps through legislative amendments, to ensure proper oversight. He expressed his desire to give.

He also emphasized the need for clearer communication between the Board and his office to help build "trust and trust" between Canadians and RCMPs. did.

This move may respond to long-held calls and increase the cavalry's accountability through stronger external oversight.

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In the last election campaign, the Liberal Party promised to strengthen its current advisory board to "work with other Canadian police services to fully monitor RCMP."

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The task of expanding the role of the board was included in the power of attorney of the Minister of Mendicino. Next, Mendicino's recent march order to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucchi directs her to ensure that the board is "fully supported to take on the role of greater oversight."

The eight Management Advisory Board, chaired by Douglas Moen, is currently authorized to provide commissioners with advice, information and reports on the management of RCMP. This includes policy development and implementation, and effective use. Of resources.

After years of tackling internal bullying and harassment, the liberals set up an external committee of private part-time advisors in 2019 to help modernize the RCMP.

The Board may provide the Minister with a copy or summary of the guidance provided to the members.

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Mendicino said he wanted a clear, strong and transparent line of communication between the board and the minister. This includes submitting a report to his office that can be used "to advance public debate" about the police.

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He is also a director The Society will ensure that it promotes concrete recommendations on workforce diversification, training, discipline and reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

Mendicino strengthens its independent center for harassment resolution outside the RCMP chain of command with the aim of resolving harassment and violence complaints in the workplace without prejudice or conflict of interest. We are aware of the role of the Board of Directors in supporting it.

"We leave all options in the table as to whether any of these changes require law," Mendicino said.

Political over whether Lucchi promised the Prime Minister's Office in April 2020 that details of the gun rampaged in Nova Scotia's horrific shootings would be announced shortly after Mendicino spoke to the Canadian Press. A storm broke out.

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{71 Difficult Aftermath The worst shootings in Canada's history are currently being investigated at hearings and are the latest challenge for the renowned police.

Mendicino, in a May power of attorney to Lucky, ensured that RCMP met the needs of Canadians, dealt with systematic racism, eliminated harassment and discrimination, and He said it was about creating a culture of accountability, diversity and inclusion.

He directed Lucky to help develop national standards for crisis intervention amid concerns about police atrocities and discrimination, and conducted an external review on deescalation.

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He also expects a timely RCMP response to reports and recommendations from private complaints committee watchmen. doing.

To that end, Mendicino recently introduced a bill requiring Mounted Police to respond to an improved interim report from a guard dog within six months.

The RCMP Commissioner was taken to court on chronic foot drag in response to an interim report from the current Complaints Committee. This issue has significantly delayed the publication of final reports and recommendations.

"I'm particularly focused on one thing: to ensure the health and safety of Canadians," Mendicino said.

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