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Canada needs to prepare for abortion tourism after the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case.

Proponents say Canada needs to prepare for a potential increase in medical tourism asabortionis banned in some states of the United States. increase. However, they say that the option to travel across borders will be limited to those who can afford it.

National Racism FederalCanadaExecutive Director Jill Dr. Off says U.S. Supreme Court to overturn constitutional rights to racism The statement of the decision will have the greatest impact on the most marginalized Americans, including those experiencing poverty and racism.

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Doctoroff states efforts The cost of getting a passport and traveling to Canada is for more than going to a US state where abortion is still allowed. Not realistic.

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But she is still an American with a means to seek care in Canada abortion For clinics that already have a strain on their capacity.

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Martha Paynter, Apocalypse and Halifax nurses working in assisted reproductive technology are in a Canadian clinic Is a large influx of Americans seeking abortion.

However, Paynter says that Canada makes abortion more accessible to residents and potential visitors, including training more healthcare professionals on how to provide these services. He says we should take action to make things happen.

Canada faces its own disparities in access to abortion and can struggle as a "safe haven"

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