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Canadian broadcast legend Patrick Watson dies at age 92

The broadcast legend Patrick Watson, who has worked in the industry for over 50 years, has passed away. He was 92 years old.

Through his work as a producer, writer, television moderator, etc., Watson helped shape the face of Canadian journalism, never avoiding controversy and difficult decisions. 

Born in Toronto in 1929, Watson began playing Jake in CBC Radio's daily children's series in 1943 Coute Naked{115. } — Started making an episode of his work $ 1. 

He began pursuing his scholarly career, but later abandoned his PhD in linguistics at the University of Michigan and worked for CBC in 1955. Then he soon hosted at .Four Cornerstraveled to the series in 1957, then both in front of and behind the cameras of many other shows such as theWatson Report(1975-1981). I proceeded with the work. ), Ventures(1985-1987) and Struggle for Democracy (1989).

The struggle for democracy took five years to create and was filmed in 30 countries , the most at the time. A documentary series made for Canadian television that was an expensive original. 

Three smartly dressed figures sit at a news desk. The photo is in black and white, with a blurred logo with the words "Seven Days" behind them.
Lapierre Lapierre, Left, Dyna Christie, Center, Patrick Watson January This Time is a 7-day promotion Appeared in the photo. 9, 1966. (Barry Wilson / CBC Still Photo Collection)

In 1964, Watson was one of the most influential shows in his career . I started working on. Hour Has Seven DaysWatson's Sunday night program, co-sponsored by Lapierre Pierre and co-produced with Douglas Laterman, attracted millions of spectators. style. 

'I was considered a troublemaker'

Based on the BBC programIt was a weekand the series was a combination of documentary materials Review this week's news with satire and original music by Canadian actor and singer Dinah Christie. Run for two years, released 50 episodes, then canceled in 1966 due to its provocative nature, after which Watson spent several years as an independent producer and journalist. 

"I was considered a troublemaker," Watson said in ainterview with McLeans magazine in 1981 { He said he left CBC after 48}. The end of this time. "Partially it was a self-selected asylum from the CBC, but it was also true that they didn't hire me. I broke after doing some epic television."

Heritage Minutes Writer

Still, young Canadians are behind the original Heritage Minutes , a one-minute series aimed at enriching Canadian history. You may have known him well as a major writer in Canada. Accessable. According to Watson, the project, which itself gained a legendary position in Canadian culture, was created to "convince Canadians to have an interesting past."

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Watson returned to the CBC and took office as chairman from 1989, during which he presided over the controversial restructuring of broadcasters in the 1990s. At that time, 1,100 employees were dismissed and several stations were closed in the face of huge budget deficits. 

He resigned as chairman in 1994, but released more works. For example, The Canadians: Biographies of a Nation, a biographical series of HistoryTelevision, and later, a three-volume printed version of the show . 

"From his start as a teenage actor on CBC RadioCoute Naked, to his renowned career on CBC News, and to the CBC / Radio-Canada Commissioner. Patrick Watson's contribution to Canadian public broadcasting and his service to Canadians across many disciplines until his time as chairman of the Society are widespread, make a difference, and are quickly forgotten. There will be no. " 

"In both CBC and beyond, Watson has been a broadcaster, producer, actor and writer for over 50 years, becoming a symbol of Canadian broadcasting and a legacy that will last for decades to come. I left .. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. "

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Watson became an officer of the Order of Canada in 1981 and later became a companion in 2001 to promote "Canada's television and radio excellence." I was promoted. He has also been an advocate of disability for many years after his leg was amputated under the knee in 1960, and was Honorary Chairman of the Canadian Amputated Sports Association and the Canadian Ability Foundation.

He later became a seasoned pilot, windsurfer, water skier , scuba diver, and published several novels, non-fiction books, and theatrical performances (1983 . } The Book He also starred in Job). As an actor, he counts down to watching the television movies Terry Fox Story (1983) andGlass (1984); Movies Bethoon (1977) and The Fourth Angel (2001) and Series Slings and Arrows (2003). He published his autobiography this time 70 yearsin 2004.