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Canadians can still trust RCMP (except for one man): Brenda Lucki's imaginary idea

Dear Diary: They call it "interference", but I call it "the moment of viable opportunity" more accurately.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.
RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. Photo: Chris Wattie / The Canadian Press / File

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki gets political attention this week I collected it. Nova Scotia's Mass Shooting Commission urges investigators to prematurely release confidential information about Canada's worst mass shootings in history to help Ottawa justify a planned mass shooting. After revealing the evidence that it was.

During the first few days after shooters killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, the RCMP on the ground compromised the FBI's investigation into their origins. To avoid that. However, at a tense meeting, Lucky allegedly demanded that it be released anyway in order to boost the "pending gun control law" from the federal government. Sure, it looks like Canada's top mountaine is trying to make a political bid for the Trudeau government, but it's speculated that Lucky wouldn't agree.

Dear Diary,The National Post satirically reimagines a week in the life of a newspaper reporter. This week, Tristin Hopper imagines Lucki's thoughts from this highly turbulent week.


The suspicions look terrible on their faces. It's all over, and thanks to the internal RCMP notes revealed during a federal investigation. But if there is public concern about this alleged "cheating", it is only due to a serious misunderstanding of what happened. The truth is: Nothing has happened, no cheating has been considered, and the Canadian people have complete confidence in the RCMP (except for some RCMP documents that are inconsistent with the above and are clearly incorrect). Anyway, this is all blown away like the Robert Gee Kansky case. Our senior management recognized the problem and took immediate action to fix it, making public confidence in RCMP higher than ever.


They call it "interference", but I call it "feasible" more accurately It's called "a moment of opportunity." You knew that the Chinese would use the same language for opportunities because of the crisis. Just because we Mountains happened to be investigating a horrific gun slaughter doesn't mean we couldn't even think about how we could end the tragedy. This is the philosophy I have proudly followed since my early days as a patrol officer. When dealing with puncture wounds in Montreal, I said, "I should consider avoiding rough spots at night," just before the victim died. When I released a Saskatchewan woman from two weeks of imprisonment by her boyfriend, I told the gal, "Maybe I should break up with this guy." The advice wasn't always welcomed, but I suspect they kept it in time.


The fact that this is considered a "scandal" is ultimately a failure of Canadian civic education. .. The police are not like they used to be. You can't send out a lot of guys in yellow pants to shoot the bad guys. Canadians expect a more comprehensive "society-wide" approach to law enforcement. If you repeatedly catch a sex offender, it's our job to look at the root cause of his being overwhelmed by the community. It is thanks to the community to support the legalization of the drug if it invalidates the shipment of contaminated heroin. Also, if we sell surplus police cars to domestic serial abusers and use them to shoot and kill Nova Scotia with illegally obtained firearms, it is ours to consider whether to make those guns even more illegal. It is a solemn responsibility.


As the public face of RCMP, it is encouraging to know that my government has my back .. Over the last few years, I've seen police thrown under a bus for political convenience. But not in Canada. At a press conference in Rwanda, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was still completely confident in my leadership. I must admit that my suspicions were raised the other day when I was signing a regular bunch of official documents from the Cabinet, one of which was "Invoking the Emergency Act. I noticed that it was a registered mail claiming "complete and sole responsibility to request". "The Minister of Public Security said it was a" joke "just to see if I was paying attention." It's also a bit unusual for Trudeau to end our call today asking for a public statement that all airport delays are my belief.


I don't pretend these aren't times of trial, but what I get the most out of pride is At this moment is the legacy of the red surge uniform hanging in my closet. I think of a man who bravely hunted down Mad Trapper over time to send Ottawa a point of talk about the new federal ban on trans fats. Recalling the St. Rock crew who first circled North America, without being distracted by the core mission of finding cabinet data points to justify the new tobacco tax. And I remember Sam Steele, who successfully maintained law and order at Klondike, working to ban disposable plastics. At least ... this was a reading of my history.

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