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This Week's Show: US Ambassador David Cohen begins a special episode on the relationship between Canada and the United States. Canadian Senator Peter Böhm and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy are discussing the current state of democracy in both countries. Plus — Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland will cover bilateral relations, and NORAD Commander General Glenn Wanhelk will talk about the efforts to modernize the Continental Air Defense Force.

Democratic downturn?

Friends. Allies. Even the family. The relationship between Canada and the United States is the country's most important bilateral relationship, but how strong is the current relationship and what could test it in the future? 

US Ambassador to Canada David Cohen is preparing to host an Independence Day party at the Prime Minister's Office at theHouse. Democratic neighbor relationships are taken for granted. 

Many Canadians and Americans are increasingly concerned about the deterioration of democratic norms and attitudes south of the border. However, Canada faces its own challenges, freeing some of its population from the political system. 

How deep are the problems in each country and how can they be solved? Canadian Senator and former Ambassador Peter Böhm and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will attend theHouseto discuss.

US Ambassador to Canada David Cohen talks to the House of Representatives about the relationship between Canada and the United States, with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Canadian Senator Peter Bame sitting down. Canada and the United States.

Free Territory of Freeland

In the last seven years, no minister has influenced Canada-US relations as much as Chrystia Freeland. She worked on commercial stimuli as Minister of International Trade, renegotiated with the Trump administration and NAFTA as Foreign Minister, and is now the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, with the highest remarks on how Canada approaches its southern neighbors. I continue to be one of the people.

Freeland talks with Chris Hall about what the country can do to get the relationship on track.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland sits with Chris Hall and what the country wants to get the most important bilateral relations with the United States on track. Discuss what you can do.

The future of NORAD

Last week, when the federal governmentpledged billions of dollars, it was the only bilateral military command in the world. Department has inflowed a large amount of cash NORAD — Modernize North American Aerospace Defense Command. Canada is working on the development of new surveillance systems, air-to-air missiles, and other equipment and infrastructure to improve the military power of the Arctic Circle. 

But what threats does investment mean to counter? How long does it take for all of these features to be introduced? And is it enough investment to build a place for NORAD in the post-Cold War world? NORAD Commander Glenn Van Helk joins Chris Hall to discuss.

NORAD Commander Glen Van Herck joins Chris Hall about recent investments made by the Government of Canada in bilateral troops and what he considers to be the greatest threat to North America. Discuss.