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Chicago's black belt defeats suspected thief at Seven-Eleven

Man with a black belt in jiu-jitsu pins down an alleged thief who attacked a worker in a 7-Eleven in Chicago.
Black belt man Jiu-Jitsu Now, let's find out the thief who allegedly attacked the workers at Seven-Eleven in Chicago.Photo courtesy of WFLD /YouTube

Chicago thief got the wrong 7-Eleven when he tried to get started The battle that is said to have been chosen.

According to police, Christopher Cruz, 30, returned to the allegedly stolen store earlier in the day and urged his employees to leave.

The WFLD reported that Cruz had reportedly swung around the workers.

Unknown to the suspect, a man with three black belts in Jiu-Jitsu saw everything go down and tried to break it.

#CHICAGO He attacked 711 employees, so I jumped in and took him to the ground Wrap hold  taught in the art of jujutsu until the police appeared and arrested him. Alhamdulillah aka Thanks to God for keeping me safe and guiding me to learn the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. * 🙏👉 This is a little behind-the-scenes story of the incident. I was swallowing for the kids, and a woman complained about an individual in this video. When I look out, her friend is driving her wreck without trying to hit him in her car, he slaps his hand in her car and teases her, she's crazy Was saying. She didn't know if they knew each other because she also seemed to be doing something to herself. I told her to jump into her car and just leave. She told her that and snapped to me. Then she took the windshield liquid and slammed it into her own car in front of her to try to open it. I took her down. Then I called both the girl and the man police officers. I stood up worrying about my business. Then the man rushed to me and talked to me, and said: You were Russian and tried to bend me trying to pretend he was trying to swing towards me, and I stepped back and engaged did not. Then he messed with an employee and entered 711 when I was standing outside just looking at the policeman and waiting. It called like a few minutes ago.  Then, when I jumped in to control him until a policeman came, I saw him swing towards the 711 employee. I went live to make sure nothing happened, and I had a witness holding my back. We live in the age of technology and want to use it forever. People can see from this video that violence is not the answer. With proper training like me, the world will be a better place. I have never harmed the man. I hope he is in the best condition and his life will change better. Maybe watching this video is a call for his awakening. The policeman would probably come in and taste him or arrest him with a pepper spray. What if he really hurt an employee and then was trapped for a long time? Someone else might have killed him and he wouldn't be there for his children. He could hit the car in the way he acted. I really wish him the best, and maybe we will be able to grab some food in the future. This is another reason why people shouldn't drink alcohol or medicine. I don't drink because of my belief in being a Muslim, so I'm very calm thanks to over 20 years of education and training in faith and jujutsu. It wasn't easy for me to leave because they were driving recklessly and were likely to hit my car several times. Needless to say.  #Alhamdulillah #usa #bjj #jiujitsu #redzovic #redzovicvideo #crime #bosna #bosnian

Posted byIdrizRedzovic, Thursday, June 16, 2022

"When I see him actually connect and hit the employee's head, I jump in, grab him, put him down, flatten it like a pancake, and" gift wrap "or" like a pretzel. " "Twist arm control," Idris Redzovic told Outlet.

Redzovic, who owns a Jiu-Jitsu Academy in the city's Lincoln Park district, first noticed that Cruz was harassing patrons outside the store when he first noticed that he was a child. I just bought a drink for it.

Redzovic said he was back after seeing a suspected thief attacking an employee.

The black belt recorded part of the incident at Facebook Live last month. The footage shows him pinning the suspect for nearly 20 minutes until the police arrive.

Cruz can be heard begging Redzovic to release him, but that didn't happen.

"No, I won't let you go," Redzovic says in the video. "You were harassing those girls, and you swung around to that Seven-Eleven employee."

Cruz has two cases of retail theft and battery. I was charged with a misdemeanor.

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