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The chief wants a job to be done at the First Nations plenary session, despite the suspension of the leader.

This week, chiefs from all over Canada will meet in Vancouver. The First Nations plenary session (AFN) will hold a face-to-face meeting for the first time in three years.

The 43rd Annual Meeting, entitled "Walking the Way of Healing," will be held from July 5th to 7th, Maskean, Squamish, Trail-Wortus countries. It will be held on the territory.

It happened amid the division and heightened tensions at AFN where defended 634 First Nations, following the suspension of President RoseAnne Archibald. 

Regional chiefs last month after issuing a public statement accusing four employees of demanding payments of more than $ 1 million in Severance. I stopped her . She is also seeking a court audit alleging corruption within the organization.

However, the chief attending Congress hopes the situation does not get in the way of the upcoming agenda. The annual meeting aims to help leaders set organizational priorities and strategic directions.

"We need to keep focusing on what we're doing and why we're here," said Chief Fleon of British Columbia's Sts'ailes First Nation. I am saying.

"People in our community depend on us to do a good job, so we need to keep doing that."

On Tuesday During the formal meeting of Parliament, a dialogue session was held on Monday on housing, the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights, certain claims, languages, and police. They are issues that are discussed throughout the week during the rally.

Prior to AFN's annual meeting, a full-day dialogue session was held on July 4th. (Ka’nhehsí: ioDeer / CBC)

The head of state is also facing the expectation of a vote of no confidence. Archibald was initially banned from attending Vancouver Parliament, but AFN overturned that decision.

Dalton Silver, Chief of First Nations in Canada, British Columbia, expressed similar feelings to Leon.

"What many of our countries want to achieve at such a rally regarding their interaction with the federal government is undoubtedly a distraction from the business at hand," Silver said. Said.

"Much of what is happening is the possibility of returning to Ottawa's headquarters and returning to the executive branch, where we hope to be dealt with, but it seems to be done at Congressional headquarters."