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Families of survivors of child abduction and sexual assault share emotional trauma at hearing hearings

WARNING: This story contains details that may get in the way of some readers.

Family, friends and ministers of an 8-year-old girl who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Edmonton in March 2020 mourn in court on Monday morning. I shared it. A statement regarding the effects of the victim was read during the defendant's judgment trial.

A child who could not be identified due to a ban to protect his identity was walking home from a friend's house near the McQueen district.

At that time, Wade Stain was already armed with red duct tape, a face mask, a pocket knife, and a white sheet behind the car, grabbed the young girl, taped it, and drove. To a quiet place.

So, after assaulting her her sexually, he told her not to tell anyone and dropped her off.

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Stene kidnaps, imprisons, and sexually assaults a girl in February, and is a person under the age of 16. Pleaded guilty for inviting him to touch his body illegally. ..

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On Monday, the court was afraid that the child was trying to kill her by eating her.

In a statement about the impact on the victim, the girl's mother said:

Her mother went on to say that it became very difficult for her child to fall asleep. She had a nightmare and jumped out of a car parked next to the sidewalk.

Her father called this ordeal "the worst nightmare of parents."

"There are no days when you don't think about what happened. There are no days when you don't feel pain or fear, and there is no bloody, toxic anger," he said.

The child's father said he felt "toxic anxiety" that would continue to burden him even after it happened that day.

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"Guilt. How did you achieve this and how did you fail to protect your child as a father?" , Sin deeply. Thank God that she is still with us and curse his name that he will cause this. "

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Edmonton's man pleads guilty to kidnapping and sexual assault 8-year-old girl – February 4, 2022

The crown seeks a 20-year sentence that spreads ripples throughout the community and undermines people's sense of security, compared to rocks that have dropped crimes into the water.

"It is exceptional in its fall in the shocking nature of the crime committed by Mr. Sten, and more importantly, in the harm it caused," the prosecutor said. Keith Nichols said.

The defense is seeking a 10-year sentence.

Stene is now 39 years old. She was ordered for her Gladue report because Stene is Métis. Find out more about the criminal's past and her family history.

The court heard that when she was a child, Steen said she was physically and mentally abused by both her father and her stepfather.

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Stene He was also told that he would never be anything.

He also stated that he was sexually abused by a teenage boy when he was a child.

Defendant lawyer Marc Jordan said his client also attempted suicide twice when he was young.

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As an adult Stene continued to live with her mother and did many jobs as a cook and bakery in construction and oil fields.

He has no criminal record.

In a statement to Global News, the victim's family wrote:

"There is no sentence to satisfy us at the end of this trial, but we can express as much as possible the level of fear, sadness, and consequent trauma that this man has. I feel I was able to do it, not only to his 8-year-old victim, but also to her family and the close neighborhood where she lives and plays. "

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