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At least 10 people were killed and 251 were injured in a chlorine gas leak at the port of Jordan

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Authorities and state media said at least 10 people were killed and 251 were injured in a chlorine gas leak from a storage tank at Akaba Port in Jordan as authorities asked residents to close windows and stay indoors. Reported on Monday.

The leak occurred after a 25-ton chlorine-filled tank that had been exported to Dibuchi fell in transit, officials said.

Posted on the Twitter page of National Televisionのビデオでは、貯蔵タンクがウィンチから落下して船の甲板にぶつかり、人々が逃げるにつれて黄色のガスが空中に上昇しました。

Chlorine is a widely used disinfectant and water purifier, but when inhaled it produces gas. Instead of hydrochloric acid, the reaction release of water inside can lead to internal combustion and drowning. lung.

Jordan's Akaba grain storehouse has ceased operations, but maritime traffic at the port of Akaba continues, quoted the state spokesman Petra, citing the director of the Jordan Maritime Commission.

"I asked a ship that was near the area of ​​the tank explosion to leave the area immediately," said Muhammad Salman.

At the northern end of the Red Sea, Akaba Port has long been the main transit route for Iraq's imports and exports.

The dedicated team is still dealing with the leak, the Civil Defense service said on its Facebook page. According to state television, the evacuation plane was sent to Akaba.

Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh arrived in Akaba and headed to a hospital where some of the injured were being treated, state television reported.

Al-Khasawneh also formed an investigation team for the case chaired by the Minister of Interior, state television said the Minister of Information said.

(Report by Moataz Mohamed, Omar Fahmy, Nayera Abdallah, Suleiman al-Khalidi, edited by Deepa Babington, Mark Porter, Lisa Shumaker)