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'We need compassion': Tensions rise over Hastings Street tent-packing cleanup

On Tuesday afternoon, Mayor City staff began the process of removing tents and structures from the sidewalks of Hastings Street, causing havoc in theDowntown East Side. did.

Sarah Bryce of the Association for Overdose Prevention told Global News that the morning got off to a calm start with city officials and firefighters working together to reduce clutter.

Community members were also there, talking with residents about housing and cleaning up trash.

But Downtown He said East Side residents don't trust the police, so bringing in the Vancouver police could create a lot of animosity, Bryce said.

According to Vancouver Police, several officers were assaulted when the Carnegie Center ruckus was arrested.

Police were already nearby as tents on Hastings Street, between Gore Avenue and Abbott Street, had been removed.

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Just before 3:00 p.m., police were summoned by Carnegie Center staff to throw computers and behave strangely. It was reported that there is a man who When officers took him into custody, the man resisted arrest and fought with police, according to police. A large crowd gathered and became hostile and combative with officers, police added.

Several police officers were assaulted and multiple arrests were made, police said.

Chaos as Vancouver City officials move into East Hastings tents and structures

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Global News cameras covered Hastings Street and Main Street. We captured a large crowd confronting the Vancouver Police near the corner of the street.

Several punches were thrown and a projectile aimed at the officer.

Bryce said more needs to be done to deal with the situation in a compassionate way.

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"We just need to make sure it's safe for them and safe for the neighborhood."

"I think you can do it without involving the police. Unfortunately, the police just create confusion."

Members said talking to people on the Downtown East Side was the best way to go. Because there is more compassion among these groups.

The first fire order to remove the tents came from Vancouver Fire and Rescue Chief Karen Fry on July 25.

However, BC Housing said in a statement that Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services are unable to access numerous new spaces in Vancouver to meet the timing of emergency orders....

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Work to remove tents and structures is expected to continue on Wednesday.

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