Concert announcement: Jack Black and Kyle Gass's Tenacious D to perform in Vancouver

Tenacious D is coming to Vancouver in December, further fuelling excitement over what's long been rumoured to be the band's fourth album. PROVINCE

This is not the greatest band in the world – this is just a tribute.

Tenacious D is coming to Vancouver in December, further fuelling excitement over what’s long been rumoured to be the band’s fourth album.

The band, which was started by Jack Black and Kyle Gass in 1994, is best known for their first single “Tribute” which tips its hat to rock and roll legends.

In 2006, the pair starred in the film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, a comedy which the pair go on a quest to seek, of course, the guitar pick of destiny.

Tenacious D has since toured on and off over the years, mostly making appearances at benefit concerts and festivals.

The pair will perform at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Dec. 13, 2018. Pre-sale tickets go on sale this Wednesday, with regular sale available on Friday. The pre-sale password is HOPE, and ticket prices range from $39.50 up to $79.50 plus service charges.

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