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Conrad Black: "Stage Citizen Suicide in a Rights Society"

The modern threat to civil rights has the unusual feature that civil rights are denied by the indifference and indifference of the civil rights themselves

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The most serious civil rights challenge in Canada today is the Quebec language law, which is steadily imposing restrictions on all Kebeck languages ​​except French. In 1974, the Robert-Bourassa government declared that French was the only official language in Quebec, requiring all signs in commercial facilities such as supermarkets to have French letters larger than any other language. I requested that there be. In many cases, access to English instruction was only granted if the preschooler passed a test that showed that he was more capable of speaking English than French. This last step caused a great deal of resentment, and the concept was born of the "language police" and was very ridiculed. There were many reports that tourists, especially Americans, asked to identify the "language police", and they were often disappointed that they did not have an impressive uniform like the mountain in a red coat.

In 1977, the first openly separated government of Quebec, led by Prime Minister René Lévesque, further restricted the use of English and access to English education in the public school system. .. Hundreds of thousands of English-speaking people have left Quebec since the adoption of Bourassa Bill 22 in 1974, but due to the secularization of Quebec and the declining birth rate, the proportion of Canadians in Quebec, France, has increased. It is decreasing. This is somewhat compensated by French-speaking immigrants from Haiti, North Africa and Lebanon. These people were less interested in Quebec's nationalism and tended to know that they were moving to a continent that mainly speaks English. The provincial government isn't talking much about separation right now, but it's still promoting an active language agenda.

The latest step in this sequence is Bill 96, which recently became a law. It reduces the number of people attending English schools and discriminates against the use of English in the offices and workplaces of the federal government and federal-approved companies and institutions in Quebec. This is unconstitutional, and it's shameful that all five federal parties capsized like poodles and didn't dispute. It, in the spirit of Quebec law, prohibits the wearing of religious objects or clothing that makes it impossible to identify Muslim women in public. This measure is largely justified by the public security requirement that anyone can be identified in public, but it also eases Quebec's particular irritation to Islamic symbolism. It also seems to be related to the more subtle and historically deep emotions of the centuries-old grudges of Quebec, which were highly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. The nationalist French Quebec opposition to the organization that has ensured the cultural survival of French for 175 years undoubtedly reveals Quebec's serious psychological complexity. In this situation, both linguistic and religious freedoms are threatened in Quebec.

What we may call an administrative and political invasion of fundamental rights is steadily annoying and worried, not just in Quebec. My learned friend Jordan Peterson has retired from the University of Toronto. This is because our higher education institutions are set up to discriminate on the basis of race and gender.

This winter truck driver was legitimately dissatisfied with the COVID regime and was primarily engaged in peaceful protests. Nevertheless, they were suppressed under the Emergency Law based on the theory that they are causing an emergency of public order and morals. Attempts by some truck drivers to block traffic at border points were stopped by normal police action. Parking trucks in downtown Ottawa were not offensive to public order and morals and could have been mitigated without resorting to strict laws. Our effective disjoint minister, NDP leader Jagmate Singh, declared: This is an attempt to overthrow the government, which is funded by foreign interference and we need to investigate and stop it — especially of that foreign interference coming from the (US) United States. Please stop the flow. He also declared that the convoy was "led by those who claimed the predominance of the White lineage and equated Islam with illness." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hinted that when truck drivers were still hundreds of kilometers away, they were all homosexuals, misogynists, and white supremacists. All of these reflections from the officials elected in the country's highest elections were shameful, profane, and unfounded lies.

In the name of climate change, economic warfare is taking place against the country's oil and gas producing regions and their entire economic sector. Rising energy costs and lowering incomes in the fossil fuel industry are unacceptable as a result of legitimate public policy positions. They are a violation of the civil and economic rights of citizens and businesses.

Our medical system, which Canadians are mysteriously proud of, distributes health care arbitrarily and is hampered by an inadequate number of doctors. Many are due to the persecution of folk medicine. And now, our health care system is being reduced to the shame and dignity of promoting aiding suicide as a dignified death. The health system is supposed to promote life, not death.

Perhaps the biggest irony of recent public policy in Canada and all other advanced Western countries is despite our increasing spending on education. , The number of highly educated graduates is decreasing. At almost every level. From the irresponsible behavior of the teachers' union, which repeatedly threatens parents with the threat of strikes, it is clear that they have little interest in the welfare of their students. They effectively run a day care center with rudimentary academic guidance.

Our college system tyrants those who are not supporters of the popular novel that we live in a racist and inadequate Marxist society. We are making ourselves poor by graduating from a huge number of college students in areas where we cannot live a full life. Our college is a stunning epidemic of under-challenge students, under-worked, and often destructive faculty, giving esoteric subject matter expertise. Jordan Peterson is correct when he says that the subject ending with the word "research" has no academic position.

If the school is in the hands of the robot's left and is primarily focused on research in unrelated fields, it is steadily responsible, as we have. You can be sure that you will get less reliable media. Opinion polls also show that a steadily lower percentage of the public trusts the media, as objective tests of our secondary school graduates reveal steadily low success criteria.

These modern threats to civil rights have the unusual feature that civil rights are denied to the people by their own indifference and indifference. The public has the right not to trust some media, which creates indifference to the free press that is essential to democracy. If that continues, what we are witnessing is the gradual civil suicide of the rights society. This can be reversed, but it's better to start now.

National Post

Excerpt from the address given on behalf of the Democracy Fund on June 21st.

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