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A conservative leadership campaign given a preliminary list of 675,000 party members to scrutinize

The campaign will need to analyze the name and submit a challenge to the list until midnight (about 96 hours) on Monday

The CPC has reported approximately 45,000 multiple membership purchases by individuals.
CPC reports about 45,000 multiple membership purchases by individuals. Photo: Darren Calabrese / The Canadian Press / File

The number of members of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has reached 675,000. .. According to a preliminary list sent to all leadership campaigns on Thursday night.

"Canadians are responding to an unprecedented number of leadership competitions. They have broken all previous records of political participation in Canada," the Conservative Party said. Ian Brody, chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) in Leadership Races, said.

From the start of the informal race in February to the membership deadline on June 3, CPC sold over 613,000 memberships on various platforms, according to party officials.

More than 583,100 were purchased directly on the website or through the portal of individual campaigns leading to the party's website, about 30,000 others via direct mail, telemarketing, face-to-face submissions, etc. It was purchased by the means of. By campaign.

This will be added to the 113,000 CPC members who have active membership and did not need to renew their membership before the membership deadline.

The party did not disclose the number of members sold by each leadership campaign, nor did it provide a breakdown of regional sales by state or territory.

CPC checks membership list for the past few weeks under strong pressure from campaigns to see data thathas not been screened for and to trackduplicates. I've been working hard to do that. This could be due to an emailsent by the Pierre Poilievre team a few hours before the cutoff.

Meanwhile, Poilievre's campaign accused opponent Patrick Brown's supporters of offeringa paid membership. This goes against the rules of the party.

  1. Conservative leadership hopeful Patrick Brown takes part in the Conservative Party of Canada French-language leadership debate in Laval, Que., May 25, 2022.

    Brown, Charest Campaign Releases Membership List to Conservatives

  2. Conservative leadership hopeful Patrick Brown takes part in the Conservative Party of Canada French-language leadership debate in Laval, Que., Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Brown's leadership campaign is the latest to raise concerns about what it calls

    Brown is Poilievre

The CPC reports about 45,000 multiple purchases, either by active members who want to verify their eligibility to vote, who made purchases on multiple channels, or who do not know if the first transaction was completed. did.

There were also approximately 6,500 non-compliant sales that were excluded by the parties due to non-respect for the rules. This may include those who purchased membership with a prepaid credit card or those who purchased membership for someone other than their family.

"In the frenzy of leadership racing, it's normal to attract people who don't know everything inside or outside the party's fiscal rules," said Brody of the situation.

The party had previously told all campaigns that it would be possible to access a preliminary list of members on July 4th at the latest.

Instead, they send it on Thursday night, allowing witnesses of each campaign to spend a long weekend analyzing their names and submitting assignments. They need to do so to challenge the name until midnight on Monday – about 96 hours.

"If you think someone is improperly listed, you may want to remove the name, and if you think you missed the name, ask to add someone to the list. Sometimes, "Brodie explains. "This is a normal part of all leadership campaigns."

Challenge decisions can be appealed to the parties later, and once all challenges have been abandoned, the final list will be published. increase.

Due to the record number of members, mail ballots will be sent to members over the next few weeks, and the party has already advised members not to panic. For example, you do not receive it at the same time as your family.

All ballots will be received by the party in early September as the new leader will be announced in Ottawa on September 10.

The 675,000 members of this leadership race are unprecedented and more members than the previous two contests combined: 259,000 members are eligible to vote in 2017, By 2020, there was a slight increase in 269,000 members.

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