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Conservative U.S. judges show maximalism about guns and abortion

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Washington — National The U.S. Supreme Court's series of blockbuster decisions, which eliminated the right to abduction and expanded the rights of gun owners, are willing to boldly claim its power by its expanded conservative majority. Is shown.

In both judgments, the conservative judge was Roe v in 1973. It has brought a long-standing victory to the activist on the right, who condemned Wade's decision, legalized abortion, and believed that it was taking time for the court to expand its gun rights.

Increasingly unrestrained courts have argued since Amy Connie Barrett, the third appointed president of former President Donald Trump, joined the top of the country in 2020. I have come to take up the issue that is the subject of the decision and make a decisive decision. The judiciary is a conservative majority of 6-3.

Her appointment changes the dynamics of the court by downplaying Judge John Roberts, allowing a conservative block to collect the five votes needed to decide a case without him. I made it. Roberts is considered a more incremental conservative.

Barrett and Trump's other two appointees, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kabanau, were the majority in the gun decision on Thursday and the decision to discontinue on Friday.

The conservative majority can withstand years and even decades, demonstrating interest in other major changes to the law. The court has taken up a lawsuit to be discussed in the next semester starting in October, which may end the university's policy of considering student admission competition that has been used to promote campus diversity. rice field. Ending such a positive course of action was another coveted goal of the conservatives.

Trump Appointer

Former Justice Stephen Breyer, Former Justice Officer of the Chicago Kent School of Law, Professor Carolyn Shapiro is conservative. The majority expressed concern that they were out of step. With Americans. Shapiro said Trump was able to make three appointments, despite failing to win the popularity vote in the 2016 election, and the Republican senator pushed the nomination with a very thin majority vote.

"The composition of the court was historically healthy if it more closely reflected the composition and views of the Americans," Shapiro said.

According to a Reuters / Ipsos study, the majority of Americans support the right to mischief and believe that the availability of firearms is the reason for the high mass shooting.

"I think courts are dangerous to the country, dangerous to individual rights, dangerous to democracy, and dangerous to their continued legitimacy. I'm doing thinking, "added Shapiro.

Before the conservative Judge Antoninscaria died in 2016 and later added Trump's appointment, the court was more cautious in deciding what kind of case to hear. was.

It had a conservative majority of 5-4. However, one of the conservatives, Judge Anthony Kennedy, may be on the side of liberals on controversial "cultural war" issues such as abortion, positive behavior, and LGBT rights. did. As a result, courts sometimes avoided controversial cases or considered disputes with lower interests.

Jennifer Mascot, a professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, who was responsible for Clarence Thomas of conservative justice, rejected the idea that the court was dominated by judicial activists. did. In the abortion case, Mr. Mascot said the court did not outlaw the procedure and instead forced the state to submit a bill that it deems appropriate.

"I'm removing myself from the process. I'm not telling the state what to do," the mascot said.

Roberts' role in trying to defend the court as an institution and avoiding dramatic moves has diminished. Roberts completely joined the majority in the case of guns. In the miscarriage case, he agreed with the majority to support the Mississippi ban on misconduct at the 15th week of pregnancy, which was the problem in the case, but did not overthrow Roe.

The court's vigorous involvement in nationally important issues goes beyond abortion and guns, as shown in the next college admission case.

Religious against LGBT rights in the coming term, including a free speech claim by evangelical Christian web designers that it cannot be enforced under Colorado's anti-discrimination law. You will also hear a big new court battle that casts beliefs. Create a website for same-sex marriage.

Judges still need to decide on seven cases before the end of the term, including players and public high school football coaches who prayed on the field after the trial. – Judgments that may support religious rights. Alternatively, courts could curb President Joe Byden's ability to combat climate change. The

climate case is an example of one target of conservative justice. It is the power of a federal agency called "War with the Administrative State". For example, a January court blocked the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccination or testing obligations for companies with at least 100 employees, stating that the agency behind the order does not have the necessary authority. rice field.

Before Kennedy retired, the court was already upholding the religious challenge. Since then, it has deepened in 2020, including a ruling in support of religious groups that challenge pandemic-related restrictions. The court on June 21 further reduced the separation between the church and the state with a ruling approving more public funding for religious groups. Football coach decisions can be added to that trend.

(Report by Lawrence Hurley; Edited by Will Dunham)