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Lich, the organizer of the convoy, will be detained for at least five more nights


Tamara Lich, the organizer of Ottawa's opposition movement, has been arrested in Alberta for at least five nights in Ottawa after being arrested on suspicion of violating bail conditions. Will be detained.

Lich appeared in Ottawa court on Thursday with a video link on new charges from the Ottawa police station. A full-day bail hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday. The

crown claims that Lich broke his bail conditions and prohibited him from communicating with the other 10 people involved in the Freedom Convoy who occupied Ottawa earlier this year. Her legal counsel.

She was photographed with Marazzo at the "Freedom Awards" Gala on June 16th in Toronto.

"After Lich wins the award and returns to the table, you can see Lich talking to Tom Marazzo," according to a summary of the charges filed in court on Thursday.

"More evening, Rich and Marazzo took a picture with others, Rich and Marazzo with their arms crossed."

Crown's material , Contains a link to a Facebook video that is said to have "communication". She seems to be whispering something in his ear.

The Award Gala was organized by the Edmonton-based Center for Constitutional Freedom. This is a charity that opposes the obligations of COVID-19.

Keith Wilson, a JCCF lawyer, has represented Rich and other defendants in civil proceedings over protests filed on behalf of downtown residents and businesses.

Wilson said on social media that week that Rich did not violate her terms. A JCCF lawyer attended the event when she was photographed with Marazzo, who was unable to run for the Ontario party in the state elections. Moon.

Lich was first arrested in Ottawa in February. She has been charged with mischief, intimidation counseling, police obstruction, and police obstruction counseling in collaboration with another protester, Chris Barber.

Her original bail conditions prohibited her from traveling to Ontario while she was waiting for trial, but at her request, the court changed these conditions in May, and she changed them. I attended the gala and made it possible to travel to the province.

In Lich's situation, it is also required not to organize or promote protests related to COVID-19 or Canada Convoy.

The abstract of the document produced by the Crown also cites Rich's speech at Gala.

"She said her suffering situation after her arrest would not be unique," her summary states. Charter of our rights and freedoms. '”