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Cops: Oregon Crime Gang Moves $22 Million in Catalytic Converter

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) — Police in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, on Thursday arrested the leader of a crime syndicate that trafficked more than 44,000 catalytic converters stolen from cars on the West Coast beyond 2021. announced.

Investigators identified 32-year-old Brennan Doyle as the leader of the operation and said they searched Lake's Oswego home and seven of his other properties last week. Investigators seized more than 3,000 catalytic converters, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, luxury cars and jewelry, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Doyle and his associates are accused of stealing a catalytic converter from a car along the West Coast, Beaverton Police spokesperson Matt Henderson said. The criminal organization was centered in Portland and spread across multiple Oregon counties, Washington, Nevada, California, Texas, and New York. It can sell for thousands of dollars per ounce. The market value of the stolen and trafficked parts was estimated at over $22 million.

According to Henderson, criminal gangs shipped boxes of converters to the East Coast and internationally. Dozens, if not hundreds, may have been involved in the operation, he added, but declined to share details because the investigation is ongoing.

Doyle was indicted on 72 different charges, including racketeering, aggravated theft and money laundering. One of his associates, Tanner Helbusch of Beaverton, said in March that he was found in possession of more than 100 catalytic converters, according to police. He was indicted on 20 similar counts of his. It wasn't immediately clear if there would be any lawyers commenting on the case.

At least 12 of his other people have been charged in connection with the operation, according to police.