Couple ripped for ‘tacky’ wedding present request and poem

Wedding poem.

An Australian couple went viral — and not in a good way — for their ‘tacky’ wedding invitation.

They were called greedy for enclosing a ‘terrible poem’ encouraging guests to take out $100 to present to them on the wedding day, according to U.K.’s Daily Mail.

A photo of the invitation was uploaded to Facebook and the reactions weren’t pretty.

The poem read: ‘Our bank account is in debt, and we would like it to go back into credit.

‘Please visit the ATM, we know you’re a gem.

‘Pull out your greens (Australian $100 bills are green) and let it be seen that your kindness is real when it’s given its final seal.

‘So place your cash in our wishing well and make our dreams come true, that will be swell.’

Many respondents couldn’t believe the nerve of the couple for asking for money when many are out of work or underemployed during the pandemic.

Some hated on the poem itself, feeling it was poorly constructed.

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